Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Week of Firsts

We have had quite a week so far. Murphy's two bottom teeth came through his gums on Saturday night and Sunday! (This is so bittersweet for me!) He also got his first diaper rash/yeast on his bottom thanks to teething! ( I'll spare you all and not include pics of this first!) He's been chewing on things a little more than normal, but I really didn't expect him to actually get the teeth yet!:) Unfortunately, he won't sit still long enough to get a picture of them! They have just broken through, so I'll post pics when they show when he smiles.:) He has also started using a sippy cup with a tiny bit of formula in it when he has his cereal. He really seems to like it. I'm sure part of it is a game to him, but he does drink more than he plays! Lastly, he has started showing some interest in Miller. He reaches out to pet him and pushes him away when he tries to get his cereal. This boy knows he needs to learn to hold his own with the doggies! Our little guy is growing up so fast! Chewing on bun-bun
Using my sippy cup-this one is a Nuby and is great b/c it has a soft spout like the bottle, but is shaped like the plastic ones
Rolling around and chewing- he is almost over from back to tummy now, but just can't quite get that last shoulder over!
Chewing on a burp cloth
Chewing on the basketball teether LinLin gave him- he loves it frozen!


Courtney said...

Awww, I LOVE it when they only have those two little teeth! IT is SO cute! He is a doll!

Sharon said...

He is a doll. Was he really fussy when the teeth broke through? Luke had some moments of screaming....not fun for them. Love the pics.

The Diddles said...

He wasn't, but he did wake up in the middle of the night, which is uncommon for him! Today he has been a little fussy, so I think they might be hurting him. It's that sad pitiful whine that makes me know something hurts. I hate not being able to do much for him! Did you use anything topical on his gums?

Rhonda Pennington said...

He is getting cuter every day! Love the new sweater outfit! Give him a kiss for me!

Maureen said...

Murphy man is getting big! I like the one where he is on his tummy & looking up at the camera.