Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cool Rainy Days

It has been pretty cool and rainy the past couple of days, so we don't have too many pics of what we've been doing! Walker and I got massages yesterday, but we've mostly been vegging out, watching movies, and working on Murphy's naps! Here are a few random pics from this last part of the week!:) Murphy matching Daddy's hat in his new Kiawah golf bubble!
Enjoying his ducky bathtub- this thing is great for travel! It just blows up and even makes a quacking sound when you squeeze the bill! His little hand looks so funny resting on his knee!
Entranced by the movie we were watching-"Ratatouile"(sp?) I promise we didn't let him look long! He loves anything with animals!
Trying to master the art of the nap- This was the 2 1/2 hour day! Murph sleeps almost 12 hours at night, so i'm not complaining, but he has a hard time doing more than an hour or so during the day, but we are getting better! I guess he is afraid he will miss something if he naps!:)


Sharon said...

Meg, Glad you all are having fun. If he sleeps that much at night you are so lucky! Where did you get the blow up duck? that would be easy to travel with. The little guy is looking so much like daddy...enjoy the rest of your trip

Bill,Heather and Hagen said...

I've been wondering what ya'll have been up to. Love the nap picture! Talk to you soon!

The Diddles said...

Shar- we got it at Target. Its the Munchkin brand. It has been great this week!

Christy said...

Naps and rainy days go hand in hand!!! He knows the routine!!! Your family is so cute! Glad to see you all are having a great vacation!