Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We went to Seattle last week fo Wes and Sabrina's wedding and had a fabulous time! It was beautiful and the weather was excellent! Murphy and Allie Harris were both in the wedding and did great! NeNe got to come help us out and she had lots of fun, too! We are so thankful that she could help us and also spend time exploring the city with us! These are pics from our fun days in Seattle. I did not use my camera at night- I just wanted to enjoy the festivities without taking pics, but hopefully I can borrow some from others who were there! Murphy was ready to go from the moment he woke up on Thursday morning! "Pack-pack" and all! He really enjoyed the flight and did well- it was 4 and a half hours!
These didn't stay on long, but it makes a cute pic!

We went to the Seattle Aquarium on Friday- we all loved it!

Octopus arm!

Trying to get a pic with NeNe!

He liked this otter statue...

Posing with the Pirate and Daddy down by the waterfont

We saw the Seattle episode of Man vs. Food before we went out there and HAD to go to The Crab Pot- it was right on the water and we enjoyed a steaming pot of shrimp, crabs, mussels, clams, and more!

Murph loved all of the shells and talked on his "Shell-phone"!

I got a good piece of meat out of this crab leg- they only gave you a mallet as a utensil!

Mom and I enjoying the waterfront

Murphy had the biggest sucker! It was like a giant gobstopper on a stick!

This was actually a sculpture in Olympic Park- not a real tree!

NeNe and Murph getting fresh fruit and veggies at Pike Place market

We went to the Woodland Park Zoo on Monday. Murph enjoyed running and climbing much more than the animals!

Here he is "hatching" in the children's play area!

This was some kind of rigged fish at the Fish Market that they pulled to scare passers-by. It totally got us even after we saw other people fall for it!

The flowers and produce were gorgeous!

Massive lobster tails!

Dungeness Crabs

More seafood!

Wild salmon

Monday, September 21, 2009

Becca and Jason's Wedding

Our good friends Becca and Jason were married September 5. We were so happy to make the trip to Cincinnati to celebrate with them! We had an awesome time and really enjoyed catching up with Sharon and Kevin and Amber and Brian! We opted to leave Murphy at home, but really had fun playing with their kiddos! As you can tell from the pics, we missed him and are glad we got to borrow other children!:) Here are Becca and Jason making their entrance into the reception! Meg and Walker

Walker took advantage of his last weekend to wear seersucker! He and Luke had to take a pic in their matching outfits!

Becca and her dad's dance!

I had to get in my baby time with Siena. What a sweet girl! I would have held her the whole time, but her parents like her too, so I had to eventually give her back!:)

Mr. and Mrs. Beischel (I hope I spelled that right!)

Becca and Linda gettin' down on the dance floor!

I had to take this pic the next day- I have one of Ang after her wedding, but that was before I had a digital camera!

Ready to pack up and head out for the Honeymoon! Love you guys and can't wait to see you again soon!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Murphy and Connor

Murphy got to have his friend Connor over on Friday. His mom just had a baby, so we went and picked him up and played all morning! He thought it was really neat to have Connor ride in our car! They talked back and forth on the way to the playground- it was really cute! Here they are in their cars! Connor pushing the big "scooper", according to Murphy!

Murphy really loves his friends- I'm glad Connor is so good natured and puts up with him sitting on him!

???? Is he whispering to him, or trying to get a little bite of Connor? Mandy, I promise he did not torture your child the whole time!:)

Playing at home with cars and trains!

This video is cute- Murphy and Connor were playing in the little school bus, so we sang wheels on the bus! Please excuse my singing! (Another disclaimer for Mandy-he looks like he was hitting, but he was actually just patting! We need to spend less time with the dog and more time with friends, I guess!) haha

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Murphy's 2nd Birthday with Mommy and Daddy!

We took Murphy to the zoo for his birthday on Monday. This was the first time he was really interested in the animals. It was a lot of fun! Here are my two guys with hats backwards looking at Lions. (I think!) "Roar!" Telling Daddy what the Lion says! I said, "Who was in a lion's den?" Murph said, "Daniel!" (NeNe will be so proud!:)
Looking at a big gorilla!

Mommy's favorite- the otters! Murphy said, "Come over here, oddows!" I am so glad he enjoyed them!

All smiles inside the owl, until he started hooting at us- none of us were expecting it and it scared Murphy to death!
Turtle Tuck!

Here is Murphy trying to go in and see a real "Turtle Tuck"

He was cautious and gentle in the petting zoo- which surprised me!

Washing hands like a big boy

He loves Kids Cove at the zoo! Climbing into the tunnel...

Going down...


We ate at Mr. Gatti's for lunch! Notice Murphy is not looking at the camera, but at the biggest TV he has ever seen!

Looking a little tired on the motorcycle!