Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Funday!

We had an activity packed day yesterday! We had our Playgroup Halloween Party at Drew's house in the morning and then went to "Boo at the Zoo" with the Mewetts that night! It was such a fun, sugar-filled day!:) Playgroup buddies(l to r): Will and Alex, Murphy, Jake, Andy, and Ben, Connor. Drew and baby Pearce in front and Hank and Baxter standing in back!
Waiting patiently to start decorating pumpkins!


The group with Mommies! I didn't get any pics of them running around the circle driveway at Jennie's, but it was hysterical! I think they all ran at least a mile! They would have been so blurry anyway!:)

He loves to show his muscles in his costume. It came with a black eye mask, but his head is so big, it didn't fit! hehe!

Murphy and Teagan enjoying "Boo at the Zoo"! I love how she is also flexing her Piggy muscles!

"Dash" scaling the rope in the play area!

Fun Fun!

They had a tent with dancing and Murphy found another "Incredible" to dance with!

Cuties dancing!

Dinner on the run!

Glow sticks! Mo said Teagan slept with hers!:)

What a nice end to a fun day! I think he thought it was actually Halloween!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Update in Pictures!

We have been busy since coming back from Disney World. Here is our fall so far in pictures...
Murphy is enjoying helping out in the kitchen! His favorite job is scooping out avacado. (Sorry, Andy Wonnna...) Most of it gets eaten, though! :)

Murphy and Daddy had fun practicing on the cool balance bike Aunt Alli gave him for his bday! He is still working up the courage to go down a hill without Daddy! He got a buzzy bee painted on his face at Khaki's birthday party!

Waiting on cake with Connor...

Khaki, the birthday girl, and Lilly- two of Murphy's favorite girls!:)

Murphy had so much fun when he got to "babysit" for Phillips. She was a good listener when he read to her!

Posing with the Fall decorations outside the Aquarium

Trying to grab the big sharks! He said he saw a nice one named Bruce! (from Nemo)

He LOVED these tanks!

The penguin playground was open this time. You can crawl into the tube and see the penguins playing in the water all around you! It was really neat!

This was hysterical- They have a Plexiglas floor with water under it. He kept stopping short like he was about to fall in! He finally realized you could walk on it!

We watched a dive show and Murphy was a great listener! What you see here is him copying the diver who was also upside down...

NeNe always has to find a creek to throw rocks into...

Enjoying the largest, messiest sucker in Gatlinburg...

Ready for church on Sunday!

Murphy loves his new school! We had a fun time on Monday night at Open House. Murphy is doing a lot of neat things this year and really loves his teachers, Mrs. Bonnie and Mrs. Brenda!

They say he wears his "smart glasses" every day! So silly!

I am going to try to do a better job of updating individual events! Happy Fall everyone!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Disney World Highlights!

Here are some of the highlights from our trip to Disney World a few weeks ago. Our trip was Murphy's 3rd birthday present from us and our last trip as a family of 3! We had so much fun! We stayed just the right amount of time for Murphy. He was in heaven! Walker and I had so much fun watching him experience it for the first time! Here he is on his way to Orlando... Getting a birthday pin at the All-Star Movie Resorts at check-in. (It was at 10:30 pm!)

His favorite character at breakfast-Goofy!

Meeting Alice and the White Rabbit!

This was so neat- he got picked by Alice to ride the teacups with her and the White Rabbit! It was called a "Magical Moment" that they do at the parks each day. It is random, so we don't know why they picked him, but it sure was special!

Finally getting to meet Mickey and Minnie!

And Jessie and Woody!

Relaxing in the stroller with a Mickey sucker!

Taking a monorail ride after a fun and sweaty day at the Magic Kingdom!

The next day at Hollywood Studios- a high-five for Lightning McQueen!

Waiting patiently for the Playhouse Disney show to start...

Being silly with June and Quincy!

Big Muscles just like Mr. Incredible!

Murphy and Daddy about to go in to Muppets in 3D!

Working away outside the Lego store!