Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Benton Post!

Murphy has had his fair share on posts, so I thought it was time for Benton to have her own post! She loves to touch noses with her Daddy and giggles at him! Catching a snooze in Mommy's bed!

I love when she does this with her mouth!

I finally had my camera nearby when she was smiling at me! She is so sneaky and likes to smile when the camera is not around!

She is also starting to enjoy her bumbo! I think she looks so much like Murphy as a baby, but she has her own look at the same time!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow- time has flown by! We have been having so much fun with Benton, aka "Bennie Boo" that we have forgotten to blog! (Not to mention the lack of picture taking- poor 2nd child!) Here is a catch up blog with Christmas below as well! Benton at 1 month- 7lbs, 19 in. Murphy having fun outside on one of our MANY January snow days!

Murphy fell asleep one night with the Rubix cube DeeDee got him at Walgreens! My little nerd baby...

Murph is really into Jell-o Jigglers right now! He loves making his name! Here are some winter shapes.

Playing together, sort of! Murph is also following the Vols this year and loves Tobias Harris, #12!

Another way we stay busy inside is building forts. This was his very own apartment in the playroom! He has also made igloos, sleeping gas-stations(?), and rocketships!

Being a big helper!

"See mom, her does like cars!"

Benton at 2 months, 8lbs, 20 inches:)

NeNe makes the coolest rocketships!

Here are the Christmas pictures- this is from our card/birth announcement!

This one was used on NeNe's card!

Murph and Bennie Boo on Christmas Eve at DeeDee and Dibs' house!

Benton's Bacon!:)

Two tired babies on Christmas Eve!

One of his favorite gifts- Paper Jams!!

Benton's gifts:)

Big and Murph playing on the new Smart Cycle