Monday, October 29, 2007

Hi Mommy!

This is a picture of one of Murphy's nightly rituals. He always watches TV after dinner with his daddy and I get on the computer. We have this pass through into the kitchen where our computer is. The couch in the den is on the other side. Every now and then, Murphy pops his head through and says, "Hi Mommy!" (With Daddy's help of course!) It is always cracks me up when I see that head pop up! It never gets old!:)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend at LinLin's!

We went to visit Lin Lin this weekend while Daddy went to Leslie and Blayne's wedding in Alabama. We had so much fun! Here are some pics from the weekend and some of Murphy at home as well! Here's the happy guy in his new bouncy chair.
Napping in the bouncy chair. He does the funniest things with his hands when he sleeps!
Meeting Hannah
Snuggling with Lin Lin
Nighty night!
Playing with his cousins, Virginia and Carter

Playing with mommy
Murphy loves when Lin Lin gives him his bath!
Murphy and Libby Tanner hanging out in their matching carseats at Granny White park!
Eating lunch with Big Will at Pei Wei
Talking with Gram

Monday, October 22, 2007

Murphy and Allie Harris

We have had a very busy two weeks! Aunt Abby, Allie Harris, and Uncle Wes were in town last week and this past weekend Murphy and I went to Nashville! We have had so much fun, but have not been home much! (This is why I have not posted lately!) Good thing Murphy likes to be on-the-go! Look for several posts this week to catch up! Murphy and his cousin Allie Harris meeting for the first time! Abby and I were so excited to hold each other's baby! Murphy and Allie Harris will always have a special bond- they were born on the same day!
Uncle Wes with Murphy- he is very relaxed- just hanging out!
These two pics are of Allie Harris and Murphy at lunch on Sunday after church- They were both so good!
Here is Murphy looking out at the river with daddy after lunch!

Aunt Abby and Daddy measuring Murphy- he wasn't really cooperating!

These two pics are so funny! Murphy looks like he is up to something in the last one. They will be so much fun to watch at Christmas when they are even more active!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Knoxville Zoo

We went to the Knoxville Zoo with Heather, Pam, and Hagen on Monday. It was so much fun! Murphy slept most of the time, but Hagen really enjoyed it. Kids cove was really neat!
Murphy and daddy with the Rhinos! He's waving to the camera-sort of! :) Here are the Meerkats-Walker's favorite!! (He loves Meerkat Manor!)
Murphy is worn out!
Hagen is too! He seemed to love the elephants and giraffes!

Monday, October 8, 2007


We had lots of visitors this week! Murphy got to meet lots of our friends-the Smiths, Eraca Sparks, Emily Walker, and Heather, Pam, and Hagen. He had so much fun! Below is Murphy looking at the art cards uncle Wes sent him!
Murphy and Abby- DeeDee, Toby, Abby, and Beau Smith stopped by to meet Murphy on their way to Gatlinburg.
Murphy loved Emily who was in town from DC
Murphy tried to play with Hagen
Murphy is already learning to read. This is what he does when LinLin keeps him!
He is already proving to be a Lovie-man, just like his mama!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Murphy's Friends!

Murphy had a visit today from his friends, Louis and Cooper! Their mommies, Elizabeth and Renee, brought our dinner tonight! It won't be long before Murphy is tagging along behind these two!:)
We really didn't try to match outfits, but they do all look cute in green! Its hard work trying to get three babies to pose for the camera!
Murphy is playing with his friend Caroline on Friday night here. (Sort of!) Mommy and Daddy had fun with Caroline's mommy Kathleen and her daddy Rob! Murphy was also spoiled all night by Alex and Kellie and Evan and Harber!
Here is the Smith's dog, Juno, watching over Murphy-Miller will be jealous if he sees this pic!