Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Murphy's Friends!

Murphy had a visit today from his friends, Louis and Cooper! Their mommies, Elizabeth and Renee, brought our dinner tonight! It won't be long before Murphy is tagging along behind these two!:)
We really didn't try to match outfits, but they do all look cute in green! Its hard work trying to get three babies to pose for the camera!
Murphy is playing with his friend Caroline on Friday night here. (Sort of!) Mommy and Daddy had fun with Caroline's mommy Kathleen and her daddy Rob! Murphy was also spoiled all night by Alex and Kellie and Evan and Harber!
Here is the Smith's dog, Juno, watching over Murphy-Miller will be jealous if he sees this pic!


Duane&Angie said...

That's so great that Murphy has so many friends already! Entertaining seems to come naturally for him (I'm not really suprised...)

Such a cute trio of little kiddos!! :)


Kevin Thompson said...

Are those twins? Man looks like fun. You guys doing good? Glad you had a date night. Once again Angie beat me to the post....ha

Maureen said...

great pics--they all 3 look like they're related with the green outfits & blonde hair!
I know it is impressive--Ang is really on the ball with her commenting these days! :)

reba jane said...

that little diddle sure is cute! love, rjj

Julie said...

No way you just had a baby! You look so good!! He's precious-love the pics!

Christy said...

Love the pics! Murphy is adorable!!! You look like your getting along pretty good too! You and Sharon make having a baby look as though it is the best thing for the body!!!