Monday, October 22, 2007

Murphy and Allie Harris

We have had a very busy two weeks! Aunt Abby, Allie Harris, and Uncle Wes were in town last week and this past weekend Murphy and I went to Nashville! We have had so much fun, but have not been home much! (This is why I have not posted lately!) Good thing Murphy likes to be on-the-go! Look for several posts this week to catch up! Murphy and his cousin Allie Harris meeting for the first time! Abby and I were so excited to hold each other's baby! Murphy and Allie Harris will always have a special bond- they were born on the same day!
Uncle Wes with Murphy- he is very relaxed- just hanging out!
These two pics are of Allie Harris and Murphy at lunch on Sunday after church- They were both so good!
Here is Murphy looking out at the river with daddy after lunch!

Aunt Abby and Daddy measuring Murphy- he wasn't really cooperating!

These two pics are so funny! Murphy looks like he is up to something in the last one. They will be so much fun to watch at Christmas when they are even more active!


Duane&Angie said...

Those two are cuties--especially in the pics when they are sleeping in their carrier/carseat thingys. Murphy is such a handsome little baby!

Bill,Heather and Hagen said...

Sorry we didn't even get to talk this weekend. I know ya'll had fun. I want to hear about it. Love ya,Heather

Maureen said...

great pics--Murphy already looks so much bigger than when I saw him!

pessa34 said...

Love the pics and yes they will be so fun and so cute at Christmas. Can't wait for more pics.

macy said...

Heyy Meg, Allie and Smurph look sooo cute together and I can't wait when Abby comes back and I can come see the cutest babies on the planet!!!