Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Murphy's 3rd Birthday Party!

Murphy had a fun-filled 3rd Birthday Weekend! Mommy and Daddy had Julia and Matthew's wedding festivities all weekend, so he got to spend time with DeeDee and Dibs, Miss Lane, and Big and Katie! He had lots of fun! NeNe came to visit on Sunday just in time for his party with friends at Jumpity Jump! Here he is opening some of his presents from NeNe, Om, and Big and Katie before his party. Above is the present from Om- inside was a red cape and a black cape that she made for him along with a Spiderman T-shirt and a Batman T-shirt! Below is the present from Big and Katie- Buzz Lightyear "night vision" goggles and a Handy Manny flashlight book!

Checking out his new Buzz Lightyear CD player and Fairytale books on CD from NeNe!

Getting a quick squeeze from Dibs at Jumpity Jump! (I wish I had gotten more pics of jumping with friends, but they were all over the place!)

Sliding with NeNe and Louis!

The Toy Story 3 cake- Is anyone surprised this was the theme?:)

Getting ready to lick his candles! (I was blocking the blowing candles out shot!)

Some of his friends at the party-Andy, Jake, Ben, and Connor

More friends-Teagan, Caroline, Chase, and Drew

Chowing down!

Present time! Murphy's best buddy Teagan was a great helper!

Sorry I forgot to turn this one! Uncle Mikey and Uncle Tee!

More present opening!

The big hit- Toy Story Guitar from Uncle Tee!