Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday and Saturday Beach Pics

Here are some pics from Friday and Saturday. DeeDee and Dibs have been working hard on the house and playing golf, so we have been hangin' at the beach! Daddy will be back tomorrow and we can't wait to take some pics in their matching trunks! Snoozing on our walk...
He looks a bit mischievous here! I better get used to it- he's quite curious and in to everything!
He loves to grab and eat sunglasses!
Mmmm... this wheel looks tasty!
A nice lady walking by offered to take our picture. Here we are just after eating a handful of sand!
All tuckered out after trying out the pool for the first time. The water was pretty cool, but he seemed to like it! He did have a very tight grip on me, though!

Friday, April 25, 2008


He loved the hammock! I love this one-he's so relaxed! Look at how his little feet are crossed!:)
He was in awe of all of the action at the beach!
He actually didn't mind the sand or the cold water on his feet. Hopefully we have a true beach baby- minus the pale white skin! I wish they made a uv force field to surround him with! :)
Getting into the toybox to get all of my toys!
Here is a short video of Murph enjoying the sand! It is so funny because you can tell Walker thinks I am trying to take a picture, not a video, thus the continuous grin on his face!:)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Made It!

We are at the beach! We had a fairly uneventful trip down, which is always good when traveling with a little one. We will be at Kiawah until next Thursday, so hopefully I will have some good beach pics to post! I can't wait to see how he reacts to the beach this time since he is so much more aware of his surroundings. Daddy is going to Sullivan's Island for the weekend for Taylor's bachelor party, but DeeDee and Dibs will be here tomorrow to take good care of us! Murph hanging out on the 14th tee box. He is already preparing for his first golf outing!
Sitting on the boardwalk with Daddy
Our goofy attempt at a family shot- its so up close because none of us were blessed with very long arms! hehehe

Murphy and mommy- He loved watching the waves!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My mommy and daddy went out of town...

and I got to play with LinLin and RiRi all weekend!!! It was great! We went to the zoo, the mall, and to Ihop! I was such a good boy- maybe they should take more trips! These girls sure are fun! Driving the jeep at the zoo with LinLin
Having a picnic lunch at the zoo
Looking at the monkeys with RiRi
I got to ride the carousel!
Whee! This is great!
Back at home reading my book

Just hangin' out practicing to be a plumber!:)
Turning up the sippy cup at Ihop!
Waiting for mommy and daddy to come home with RiRi
Yay! They are back! I sure do hate to see LinLin and RiRi go, they definitely spoiled me!
I think Murphy got bigger while we were away! We had a great time at Melissa and Eric's wedding in Lexington, but were so glad to get back to Murphy-man! Thanks for keeping him, LinLin and RiRi! I know he misses you already!:)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Murphy's Law

What a week- and it's only Thursday!! I guess it's Murphy's Law that when one thing goes wrong, there is more to follow! (No pun intended:) We got a new air conditioning/heating unit late last week because ours went out. Bright and early Monday morning (5:30am) I got up to go to bootcamp and turned on the heat because it was freezing. Before I got out the door a horrible odor filled the house and then set off the smoke detector! We had to evacuate to Walker's parent's house-it was crazy! Luckily, nothing was wrong and this is supposedly "normal". I know it should smell a little bit, but to set off the smoke detectors? Then Tuesday we had our washing machine looked at because it had been leaking. The hose was completely rotted out and the inside of the door was really moldy! (For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile-yes, this is the new washer I posted about earlier in the summer-only 8 months old!urrgh!) The parts have been ordered and we are now waiting on them to come in. Anyway, it was quite traumatic for me since I have not been able to use it for a week now! To top it all off, Murph has had a terrible runny nose all week and has also abandoned napping right now! He's been as happy as a clam, though, as you can see in the pics below! None of these setbacks were major, just annoying, so it could be worse!! Thanks, DeeDee and Dibs for taking us in on Monday morning and for letting me do some laundry yesterday! You are lifesavers!! Why did Daddy put the baby chick in my overalls?
Yay! I got her out! Now I will chew on her...
Working on our leg strength- there is a lot up top to support on those turkey legs!!:)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Well, shade actually! :)It was such a warm day yesterday! After Murphy's nap we decided to take advantage of the great weather! I filled up the ducky bathtub out under a tree in the front yard and Murphy enjoyed his first pool experience complete with sunhat and seersucker trunks- just like Daddy! Chewing on my boat! This is great!
Chewing on the duckie- wait, what's that green stuff down there? Maybe I should climb out and see what that's all about! (That's just what he did! He can't crawl yet, he only scoots and rolls, but he somehow figured out how to shimmy himself out and onto the grass!:)
This is much more exciting! I love to pat the water!
My friend the duckie-quack, quack!
Murphy had a lot of fun outside! Luckily, he did not break out from the grass- I was worried! We had to get out there and enjoy the nice weather- they are calling for snow flurries on Monday! Crazy East Tennessee weather!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Weekend in Nashville!

We had a big weekend! We went to Nashville to celebrate LinLin's birthday. Murphy's cousin, Allie Harris and Aunt Abby came to hang out with DeeDee and Dibs so we got to see them a few times! It was great! We also got to see Hagen and Lizzy. (I forgot to bring my camera in, though!) Murph and Hagen played for a long time and had so much fun! We went to church on Sunday and then went out to eat at Maggiano's with the Pennington's for LinLin's birthday! It was a wonderful weekend!:) Here is Murphy saying goodbye to Miller while Mommy got his stuff ready to go! Murphy got LinLin a cute card with babies that rapped! He wanted to read it to her!
Murphy found some of Mommy's blocks from when she was little! (Gram made them for me:)
Checking out Mommy's favorite bunny! I loved it because it looked so real. He looks like he might eat it!
Shopping with Allie Harris and Aunt Abby! We don't get to see them near enough, so when we do we immediately do the baby switch! I'm sure the other shoppers and staff at Banana Republic weren't near as excited as we were about the meeting- it was really busy!
Hanging out at the mall- They were such good little shoppers! Do you think they've had some practice? :)
Our friend Eddie came over to have dinner on Saturday night. Murphy loved listening to him play the guitar!
All tuckered out on Daddy's shoulder after lunch on Sunday!

Sweet Allie Harris working away on her little laptop. She is the most precious thing and so easy-going! She is very,very cuddly! We love her so much!
We went by to see Allie Harris, Abby, and DeeDee and Dibs on the way out of town Sunday. Here are a few pics!
Uncle Walker getting some sugar from little Allie-Bug!
She is so tall! Her little legs are so long!
What a sweet moment- Allie Harris is trying to share her paci with Murphy! He tried to take it a few times on Saturday, so maybe she figured it wouldn't be so tempting if she just offered it to him!:)

He is grinding his teeth in this picture, which is his newest thing! It's like fingernails on a chalkboard! Arrgh!:)

Abby took this picture! It turned out really cool! (They do look a bit like Siamese twins, though! I'm sure that is not the politically correct term!:)
Chewing on the Spongebob ball- If you could see his top teeth he would look just like Spongebob because of the gap between them! Its kinda cute!:)