Sunday, April 20, 2008

My mommy and daddy went out of town...

and I got to play with LinLin and RiRi all weekend!!! It was great! We went to the zoo, the mall, and to Ihop! I was such a good boy- maybe they should take more trips! These girls sure are fun! Driving the jeep at the zoo with LinLin
Having a picnic lunch at the zoo
Looking at the monkeys with RiRi
I got to ride the carousel!
Whee! This is great!
Back at home reading my book

Just hangin' out practicing to be a plumber!:)
Turning up the sippy cup at Ihop!
Waiting for mommy and daddy to come home with RiRi
Yay! They are back! I sure do hate to see LinLin and RiRi go, they definitely spoiled me!
I think Murphy got bigger while we were away! We had a great time at Melissa and Eric's wedding in Lexington, but were so glad to get back to Murphy-man! Thanks for keeping him, LinLin and RiRi! I know he misses you already!:)


Maureen said...

Oh Murphy had fun at the zoo! BTW I love the plumber crack--nice!

Aflowers said...

Absolutely, positively LOVE the booty crack picture. Priceless!

Julie said...

So cute-what a fun weekend for murphy!

Kevin Thompson said...

Loved the booty pic:) Can't wait to see the beach pics. Have fun!

Dee-Dee said...

Cute new pics- I love the plumber's crack and the last picture of the two of you!