Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Playing Ball!

Murphy is really enjoying this new world to him at a new angle! Big Will should be proud that we are working on our ball handling skills! He is definitely proving to take after Walker rather than me in the coordination department!


Lin Lin said...

Good job Murphle!!!YOu will have to learn to box out too!

Sharon said...

What a big boy! Luke likes to play ball too....maybe sometime they will play together:):)

Dee-Dee said...

Now there's a boy after my own heart!! I love the picture of him in the sweatband too - hilarious!

Mary Michael Conkin said...

Hey Meghan! Let me start by saying it is such a small world. My husband actually came across your blog on one of his high school friends sites. Murhpy is so cute! We really need to get him and Bailey together. How old is he? Bailey is 9mos and loves other little people. Love to hear from you!

Mary Michael

Kelley said...

Hey Diddles! I just had so much fun looking at all the pictures of Murhphy! He is so cute! Next time we come to Knoxville we need to get him and Luke together to play :)

Maureen said...

glad to see you are starting his coordination early.
btw, that was a funny story today Meg!

Julie said...

what a little athlete! Love all the new pics!