Thursday, January 31, 2008

5 Months Old!

Murphy is 5 months old today! Wow, how time flies!:) He is reaching for everything! Let the baby-proofing begin!
Yes, he's watching TV again... At least he gets it honest! He likes it so much his toes are curling!!!
Eating a book in the bath
Tasting green beans for the first time tonight-he wasn't convinced they were good! What a face!
Hmmm... maybe I'll try those green beans again tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Week of Firsts

We have had quite a week so far. Murphy's two bottom teeth came through his gums on Saturday night and Sunday! (This is so bittersweet for me!) He also got his first diaper rash/yeast on his bottom thanks to teething! ( I'll spare you all and not include pics of this first!) He's been chewing on things a little more than normal, but I really didn't expect him to actually get the teeth yet!:) Unfortunately, he won't sit still long enough to get a picture of them! They have just broken through, so I'll post pics when they show when he smiles.:) He has also started using a sippy cup with a tiny bit of formula in it when he has his cereal. He really seems to like it. I'm sure part of it is a game to him, but he does drink more than he plays! Lastly, he has started showing some interest in Miller. He reaches out to pet him and pushes him away when he tries to get his cereal. This boy knows he needs to learn to hold his own with the doggies! Our little guy is growing up so fast! Chewing on bun-bun
Using my sippy cup-this one is a Nuby and is great b/c it has a soft spout like the bottle, but is shaped like the plastic ones
Rolling around and chewing- he is almost over from back to tummy now, but just can't quite get that last shoulder over!
Chewing on a burp cloth
Chewing on the basketball teether LinLin gave him- he loves it frozen!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ride the Pony!

Here are two videos that I didn't get a chance to post before we went to the beach of Murphy "Riding the Pony"! He loves to play and he has a funny little laugh!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This afternoon we took Murphy to say goodbye to the beach even though it was only about 40 degrees. It was beautiful, despite the temperature! He wasn't too fond of being so bundled up, so we didn't last long, but here are a few shots! We are headed home tomorrow. We have had such a nice, relaxing time!

Miss Sarah

Thanks, Miss Sarah, for keeping Murphy several times while we got to go out to eat and get massages! He loved you and had so much fun! We can't wait to hopefully see you in April or if you pass through Knoxville on your way to Cincinnati!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cool Rainy Days

It has been pretty cool and rainy the past couple of days, so we don't have too many pics of what we've been doing! Walker and I got massages yesterday, but we've mostly been vegging out, watching movies, and working on Murphy's naps! Here are a few random pics from this last part of the week!:) Murphy matching Daddy's hat in his new Kiawah golf bubble!
Enjoying his ducky bathtub- this thing is great for travel! It just blows up and even makes a quacking sound when you squeeze the bill! His little hand looks so funny resting on his knee!
Entranced by the movie we were watching-"Ratatouile"(sp?) I promise we didn't let him look long! He loves anything with animals!
Trying to master the art of the nap- This was the 2 1/2 hour day! Murph sleeps almost 12 hours at night, so i'm not complaining, but he has a hard time doing more than an hour or so during the day, but we are getting better! I guess he is afraid he will miss something if he naps!:)

Monday, January 14, 2008

South Carolina Aquarium

Murphy hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bed anxiously awaiting the trip to his very first aquarium! Murphy loved looking at all of the fish!
Mommy holding on tight so the shark won't get him!
He loved this turtle and kept smiling at it and kicking his legs!
Here he was a little more interested in all of the children rather than the fish!
Posing with the aquarium characters!
Murphy and Daddy outside of the aquarium looking out at The USS Yorktown and Patriot's Point.
Relaxing at home after a fun day in Charleston!
Playing with his Baby Einstein Bi-lingual Octopus

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Murphy is having a blast!

Murphy is having a blast at the beach! He got a new hat(toddler sized!) and has enjoyed wearing it on his strolls. It really makes him look like a big boy! Thanks, DeeDee and Dibs, for letting us stay at your house! We are going to the SC Aquarium in Charleston tomorrow, so look for those pics later in the week! Murphy getting ready to go on a beach walk
Falling asleep on the beach while chewing on bun-bun!
Playing in the bumbo
Watching basketball with Daddy
Gobbling up his rice cereal! He loves to eat!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008


We got to Kiawah yesterday and are staying for 10 days! Today was a little overcast, but nice, so we took Murphy for a late afternoon stroll. He loved facing out in the Baby Bjorn and did not want to get out! I will do several posts this week, especially for LinLin, who is missing her guy! He was cackling when we put him in this!
Murphy loves to be silly!
He really wants that remote!
Sitting up like a big boy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Roll Over!

Murphy has been rolling over from his tummy to his back at random times since he was 5 weeks old, but has been consistently rolling over this week! Today he decided to roll both ways! We have had lots of fun milestone to record this week!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Murphy's First Rice Cereal!

Murphy tried his first solids this afternoon and loved it! We put his highchair together and he was ready to go. It was so much fun to watch! I think this boy is going to love to eat! Miller was quite curious about the cereal as well. Check out the video to see it!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Big Boy!

Murphy had his 4 month check-up today. Here he is swinging after a big nap today. (It must be the shots- he doesn't usually nap long!) I tried to get a pic of his spiderman band-aid, but you can't see it here! He weighs 16 pounds and is 24 inches! We are going to start him on rice cereal next week! He's obviously a big eater, so hopefully he will do well with solids. We are thrilled because he got off to a slow start in the weight department, but has caught up now! He loves our pediatrician, Dr. Shults, and does well at the doctor's office. He cried after the shots, of course, but he was so brave. Here are some pics of Murphy playing yesterday! Enjoying the swing "big boy style"- We moved it out of the living room to make room for the Christmas tree, so he hasn't used it in awhile. I took out all the head supports and sat it upright. It's like a new toy to him!:)
Exploring the exersaucer
Drooling on the tummy spinner from DeeDee and Dibs -Daddy calls him Droolio
His favorite spot- the lilly pad from Big Will! The shoes from Aunt Abby fit so well!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2oo7 was a great year for us! We have a great baby who has blessed our lives more than we could have ever imagined! We are excited for the many adventures 2008 has in store for our family! Here we are on New Year's Eve over at Graham and Jessi Hunter's house! We had a great time and ate sooo much! Way to go, Tee, on the fabulous ribs you cooked on your Big Green Egg!:) The Girls! Whitney, Jessi, me, and Adrienne
Whit, "Faulkie Baby", and Me
Here we are on Saturday night at Joe and Helen Bruner's house on the lake! We ate tons of raw and steamed oysters that Collin and Austin brought from Charleston!
Murphy posing with his first oyster- he'll have to wait a few years to taste one!:)
Justin Bruner (in from California with his wife Wendy), Helen, Walker, and Joe chowing down on some fresh oysters!