Sunday, January 13, 2008

Murphy is having a blast!

Murphy is having a blast at the beach! He got a new hat(toddler sized!) and has enjoyed wearing it on his strolls. It really makes him look like a big boy! Thanks, DeeDee and Dibs, for letting us stay at your house! We are going to the SC Aquarium in Charleston tomorrow, so look for those pics later in the week! Murphy getting ready to go on a beach walk
Falling asleep on the beach while chewing on bun-bun!
Playing in the bumbo
Watching basketball with Daddy
Gobbling up his rice cereal! He loves to eat!!!


Bill,Heather and Hagen said...

Love the hat! We saw your mom tonight eating with some friends from church. I'm glad ya'll are having so much fun.

Maureen said...

Murphy is getting so big! have fun at the beach.

Sharon said...

My internet has been down for a getting on to see this little guy. He is so cute!