Monday, August 31, 2009

August Beach Trip

We went to the beach a few weeks ago with DeeDee and BeBe and had so much fun, although we got off to a "rocky" start! Within 12 hours of arriving, Murphy fell outside in his crocs- ugh! and had to have 5 pebbles removed from his forehead and replaced with 4 stitches! He was a very brave boy and had a great time the rest of the week. They never affected him at all! The first pic is at home before we left and the last is on the way to the doctor to get his stitches out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Water Fun at Playgroup!

We had a lot of fun at playgroup today! We went to Connor's house and played in the backyard. Thanks, Mandy, for all the fun and the Popsicles! L to R- Ben, Murphy, Connor, Jake, and Andy Running through the sprinkler! Murphy was saying, "Rain, rain!"

Time for Popsicles!

I love this one- Andy is feeding Ben! (These are the Mowery triplets with Murph)

Hiney shot- we just had to do it, they were so cute! L to R- Murphy, Connor, Andy, Jake, and Ben! Wow, Lara, I think I actually got that right even from "behind!" haha

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not much to report, but it is an update!:)

We haven't had much going on around here lately, but Murphy is finally back to 100 percent! We spent the week after the beach getting over hand, foot, and mouth and then went to Nashville for the weekend to visit NeNe, Gram, and Big Will. This week we had a great playgroup at the playground with 2 sets of triplets! (I can't believe I forgot my camera!!) Murphy climbed out of his pack & play, which was so funny! I was cooking and he was in it. All of a sudden, I heard footsteps and he popped into the kitchen and said, "I get OUT!" All I could do was laugh! Miller has also been busy- he has gotten out twice this week. He always comes back and when he does Murphy says, "I love you, MiMi- BAD DOG!" Here he is hanging out at Gram and NeNe's a couple of weekends ago. It's hard to believe our little guy will be 2 at the end of the month! Playing Gram's piano!
On another note, our new house is really coming along! Some drywall was put up today and Walker and I got to pick out tile tonight! It was really exciting!