Monday, August 10, 2009

Water Fun at Playgroup!

We had a lot of fun at playgroup today! We went to Connor's house and played in the backyard. Thanks, Mandy, for all the fun and the Popsicles! L to R- Ben, Murphy, Connor, Jake, and Andy Running through the sprinkler! Murphy was saying, "Rain, rain!"

Time for Popsicles!

I love this one- Andy is feeding Ben! (These are the Mowery triplets with Murph)

Hiney shot- we just had to do it, they were so cute! L to R- Murphy, Connor, Andy, Jake, and Ben! Wow, Lara, I think I actually got that right even from "behind!" haha


Rhonda Pennington said...

Oh my word! The hiney shot is ridiculously cute!

Shannon said...

So cute! I love a good hiney shot!!

Maureen said...

LOVE the booty shot--that is too cute!

Rachel said...

Too cute!!!

Dee-Dee said...

Murphy looks as busy as ever. I am lovin' that hiney shot!