Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reading with NeNe

Here is a quick video of Murphy loving the book, No, David! I used to love to read this to my kids at school.Murphy is no different than those 1st grade boys who think bare hiney's are the funniest thing ever! I have this on my facebook, so most of you have seen it, but if you are not, here you go! I am so happy that he loves books so much! I just hope he continues to!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's been awhile...

Sorry! I have no excuse except that we have been having so much fun lately, that I keep forgetting to update! Walker and I went to Las Vegas for a couple of days, Murphy and I went to Nashville after that, we've been to the zoo, played in the yard A LOT, and the pool opened this weekend! Whew! You may want to sit down- this is a long post!:) At MIX Las Vegas, on top of our hotel- THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay! What a gorgeous view!

Before seeing our Cirque du Soleil show, LOVE! It was fabulous!

Walker relaxing in the lazy river- he loves a lazy river!

We had such a relaxing time at our awesome pool!

We had great weather- 97 & sunny with no humidity! (Notice the shirt, Ang?)

Walker petting a stingray at the Aquarium in our hotel

Trying to get a pic with the sharks-obviously this did not work out!haha

View of the Venetian from outside

Our dinner show at SW Steakhouse in The Wynn- dinner was great- the show was too, just a little off-the-wall!

Murphy enjoying some time with NeNe at Snappy Tomato in Nashville!

Playing at the Nature Center's dirt playground- every little boy's idea of heaven on earth!

Give Murphy a dirt or sand hole and he is set!

The after shot- covered from head to toe with dirt!

We got to spend some time with my good friends, Sharon and Kevin, and their little boy, Luke! They just moved to Nashville, and we are so excited to get to see them more often! (Is it just me, or does Murphy's noggin look gigantic here?)

Coloring at the table with washable (thank goodness!) markers!

Luke helped NeNe give Murphy his bath. Murphy thought it was funny when Luke helped rinse his head!

Daddy and Murphy playing on Mommy's yoga mat- at least it's getting some use with them!:)

We had a fun trip to the zoo on Wednesday- he loves to "drive,drive" the jeep!

Checking out the big "Rafs"

He loved this tortoise statue- he kept saying, "Tuck, Tuck!" (From the Wonder Pets)

The slide was a huge hit!

This was a miracle shot considering he had me in a choke hold on the Carousel. He never cried, but seemed quite concerned the whole time- I was finally able to pull away long enough to snap a pic!

He loves anything to do with water- especially the sprinkler!

"I rock, rock!"

Allie Harris and Abby have been here this weekend and we have had so much fun at the pool! They are both such water bugs! Allie Harris loved to "make it grow" with the watering can!

Murphy shared his hat so she wouldn't burn- but not so willingly at first!:)

Sneaking a sip of Aunt Abby's tea!

Kicking in the big pool with daddy! It was freezing!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day at St. Mark... and a few more!

Yesterday we went to Murphy's Mother's Day party at his school. It was so cute! Jack said the blessing and Murphy was quick to finish it with a big "Amen!" He was also the first to the table for cookies- big surprise! :) He showed me his favorite things in his classroom and also gave me a sweet frame with his picture in it! (See below) Folding his hands for the blessing! ( My pics are so blurry- I think there was a smudge on the lens!)

Wearing mommy's glasses! He likes to put them on and bump into things when it makes his vision blurry- strange child!

P.S. I do not let him do this often! haha:)

Well, NeNe, there is your "Murphy moment" for the day! Hope it helps you get a fix!:)