Monday, April 27, 2009

I wanna be like...

DADDY! I love playing golf in the yard!
Reading on the potty- hehehe!

"Talking" on the phone like daddy!

I can shoot the ball just like Big Will!

I can be a doctor like Uncle Wes! (Listening to the bball's heart!:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Weekend- a little late!

We had a great Easter weekend! We went to an Easter egg hunt and got to meet the bunny on Saturday. Murphy had more fun climbing up the hill than collecting eggs! We also got to spend time with Allie Harris, Aunt Abby, and Uncle Graydon. Murphy had a fun weekend! (Sorry it took so long to post Easter stuff- our computer has not been cooperating!)

Visiting the bunny with Allie Harris

Murphy taught his cousin, Allie Harris how to play "Ring around the Roses". They are so funny to watch! It is neat to watch them grow and change each time we get together!

Murphy had to go back and sit with the bunny again before we left- he was mesmerized! I think I need a bunny costume so he will sit in my lap like that!:)

Chillin' in Mommy's shades!

Inspecting all of his goodies from the Easter bunny!

Murphy wore an outfit of my brother's on Easter Sunday. (I think there may be a much larger matching dress somewhere! haha)

He loved the eggs he got from DeeDee and Dibs. They were different kinds of balls- soccer, football, baseball, and basketball!

Hopefully all of our camera and computer issues are solved! Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our camera to NeNe in Nashville this weekend! Murphy had fun with her while Walker and I went to a wedding and an engagement party! I need to post some pics of the cool water table that NeNe got Murphy for Easter, as well as some of him practicing being a brave boy with his doctor's kit. He had to go back to the doctor today- another ear infection, but did really well! He wore stethoscope in and it really helped!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break- Kiawah Island, SC

We ended up having a great Spring Break after our trip to the ER. We had sunny, cool weather the first part of the week and it got warm enough at the end of the week to get into our swimsuits! Murphy had so much fun and wanted to be outside the whole time! Thanks to DeeDee and Dibs for sharing your Spring Break with us!!!:) Murphy didn't get pinched on St. Patrick's Day- He was covered head to toe in green!

"Working" on the porch! He loves to fix things with his tools!

He learned how to go up the big boy steps all by himself and slide down!

Having a nice picnic with Daddy and Mommy...

Murphy also loved riding behind the bike to the park!

He looks so big here!

Petting the pony at Rosebank Farms

We laughed so hard at him chasing this duck around- I'm sure the duck did not find it as amusing!

At Rosebank Farms they have a little schoolhouse museum with a piano- He's a natural!

He enjoys the beach (and the sand) more and more each time!

DeeDee took him for a ride in her homemade stroller!

He had a runny nose here- if you look closely you can see where sand stuck in the snot- YUCK!!!:)

DeeDee also helped Murph dig a big whole, which he loved!!!!

We also took him to the children's museum in Charleston. Here he is rolling golf balls down the chute- or is he trying to stop everyone else's balls? Probably the latter! haha

He really liked playing at the water tables- He will be getting one for Easter!

"Painting" with water on the chalkboard...

They had a real shrimp boat- he had fun driving it! We do need to work on our people skills a bit- he wasn't really down with taking turns!!

"Shopping" at the store- this was a great area, especially for older kids. They even had a working checkout aisle!

We went to the boat show at Freshfields Village as well. The kayaks were a hit!