Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Our little chick has had a fun-filled week. On Wednesday night, we took him to Cherokee for the Halloween buffet and fun with his buddies!
Murphy and Cooper! Cooper was the Wonderpet, Lenny. Murphy was kind of like his favorite Wonderpet, Ming Ming- minus the cape and bomber cap!

Walking down the steps with Mommy...

Tonight we went to our annual Forestbrook Halloween Extravaganza- this time at the Skalet's house. Here is Murph with his "JuJu"!

Trying to sit still for a pic with Daddy...

It was really hard to get a pic- he was everywhere!

Tonight was his third night in the costume, so by this point, his chicky feet had bitten the dust!

Trick-or-Treating with Mommy

Happy Halloween to you all! We hope you got lots of treats and not too many tricks!:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Murphy's Bike

Murphy loves the bike LinLin got him for his birthday! These pics need no captions- his face says it all!:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Week in Pictures!

For some reason, these loaded out of order-but here are some pics from last week! Murphy is really getting steady on his feet and enjoying the cool fall weather! Working a puzzle after story time at the Library with a new friend!
Murphy is working on his table manners. He decided that he would no longer sit in his highchair(refusing food, unheard of for him, screaming, throwing food, etc!) so we decided to let him use the travel booster permanently. It is going really well. He is experimenting with utensils and using his plate!

Here is Murphy at dinner eating like a big boy across from Daddy!

"Helping" me pull chicken for stir fry! He kept reaching into the bag and pulling it off the bird! He is like a little scavenger!

He has also discovered the cabinet where we keep his food and plates/bowls. He finds the puffs and helps himself!:)

Looking at his number book with Daddy! He knows two numbers- 2 and 9. We have no idea why these, but he recognizes them all of the time! He even said 9 when he saw one at Costco with LinLin!

I ordered some more "B"s just in case. Here he is testing out the new ones...

Loving the swing!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend in Nashville

Murphy had a great weekend visiting LinLin and "Om" (Gram) while Mommy and Daddy relaxed at home. He also got to see RiRi! He really loved exploring the house on his feet this time! Trying a juice box for the first time- it was a huge hit!!
Checking out the kitchen...
( They must have been in mid wardrobe change here) Mom said he opened and closed these doors about 1,000 times over the weekend!Having my night night bottle with Om
Climbing the stairs with the air pump?
Resting with RiRi...

Mom taped Murphy walking around the living room with "B". He doesn't like to let it go much!Luckily, I found more and they have been ordered! (Excuse the camera work, she's not used to taping and following yet!:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up!

We have been extremely busy the past week or so. Here are lots of pics of what we have been up to! Aunt Abby and Allie Harris came to visit the weekend before last! Murphy and Allie Harris had so much fun playing together! Here they are sharing a snack at DeeDee's house. Murphy double-fisting!
Murphy really enjoyed Allie Harris' hugs! She is such a sweetie!
Reading together

Having fun in the tub! All was well until the brush accidentally turned into a weapon! She got Murph in a certain sensitive area, but he quickly recovered!
On Sunday before church- He looks like he's in jail!
Trying to pose for a nice picture! We forgot to take the camera to church to get pics of the babies playing in the nursery!:(
I have no idea why he has the paci in his mouth- he never seems interested in them, but he liked it at the time!

Sharing a cookie with Macy on Wednesday night!
Andy's Jeep! He turned 16 on Thursday! He was surprised by his family on Wednesday night with his new jeep! He promptly took it mudding the next day!
Hugging Uncle Pearl
Andy, Murphy, Meg, and Macy

Look for another post this week with pics from Murphy's trip to stay with LinLin in Nashville over the weekend!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Race for the Cure, etc!

I ran in Race for the Cure this morning and Murphy and Walker came to watch me finish! It was so much fun! I ran with some Bootcamp friends and we ran great despite being way back at the start. We didn't have the camera at the race, but took some pics at home! Daddy dressed Murph in his running shirt that my high school coach, Rob, and his wife Nancy sent him!:)

He was pretty wiped out just before lunch. Here he is relaxing in his ball pit full of new balls!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


We have been waiting so long for Murphy to fit in to his Crocs. We bought them for him at the beach before he was born! He wasn't so sure they were actually shoes! (By the way, Ang, this post is kinda for you, too!:) Attempting to walk in them...
Mmmm, tasty! (I told him they were not a snack!)
"Ha! I'll show her!"

Monday, October 6, 2008


This boy is play, play, play...ALL DAY! He is non-stop! Inside...
and out!
Taking a break to pose with LinLin!
Picking out his very own pumpkin!
Watching Jeopardy in the buff...

This weekend Murphy started a new thing. Whenever we tell him not to do something, he tries to distract us by saying, "Hi, Hi!"