Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up!

We have been extremely busy the past week or so. Here are lots of pics of what we have been up to! Aunt Abby and Allie Harris came to visit the weekend before last! Murphy and Allie Harris had so much fun playing together! Here they are sharing a snack at DeeDee's house. Murphy double-fisting!
Murphy really enjoyed Allie Harris' hugs! She is such a sweetie!
Reading together

Having fun in the tub! All was well until the brush accidentally turned into a weapon! She got Murph in a certain sensitive area, but he quickly recovered!
On Sunday before church- He looks like he's in jail!
Trying to pose for a nice picture! We forgot to take the camera to church to get pics of the babies playing in the nursery!:(
I have no idea why he has the paci in his mouth- he never seems interested in them, but he liked it at the time!

Sharing a cookie with Macy on Wednesday night!
Andy's Jeep! He turned 16 on Thursday! He was surprised by his family on Wednesday night with his new jeep! He promptly took it mudding the next day!
Hugging Uncle Pearl
Andy, Murphy, Meg, and Macy

Look for another post this week with pics from Murphy's trip to stay with LinLin in Nashville over the weekend!


Sharon said...

Looks like the cousins had fun...bath times seems to be funnier with two:)

Dee-Dee said...

Cute pics! Where did you get the Smokey shirt? I've seen the jon-jon, but not the shirt. The orange pants will look cute with that...
I wanted to give you an update. They are all done except handwork left on 2 pairs and putting the elastic in. I should (hopefully) finish them tomorrow and have them in the mail by Wed. Just thought I'd let you know where I was at with them...