Monday, March 31, 2008

Funny Pics

Murphy is definitely a funny boy and is always doing things that crack us up! Here he is working with his shapes while watching some of the games with his Daddy. Wasn't it nice of Daddy to loan him one of his prized sweatbands? He looks crazed about basketball!:) He really likes to play with Miller and we are really having to watch him so he is not too rough! (Murphy, not Miller, that is!) LinLin is prying him away from Miller here. He had been playing and decided to grab Miller's ears as he fell backwards, to slow his tumble I suppose. Resourceful, yes, but probably not the best idea, Murph!
He no longer enjoys looking in the mirror at himself. Kissing and slobbering on the baby in the mirror is much more entertaining!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Murphy has been busy!

We have had a busy week. Murphy has gotten to do lots of fun things! Thursday night he got to spend the night with DeeDee and Dibs! He had so much fun and thankfully didn't keep them up with his teething. He has been hurting this week, but has been such a little trooper! His top two have now come through and he has two more coming in on top and two more on the bottom as well! Here he is playing with Dibs! He loves all the funny sounds Dibs makes when they play! Laughing and grinning at Dibs- he is so funny!
Tonight we went over to Greg and Kara's house for a cookout. Murphy stayed up almost an hour past his bedtime and loved every minute! He liked playing with their dogs, Sammy and Marty! Here he is being a big boy on the couch!
Murphy loves Miss Kara! She makes him so giggly!
This is a series of pics from earlier this week. Murphy is doing his daily "Sitting up Bootcamp" while checking out his farm book.
"I love reading about baby chicks!" (Doesn't he look quite serious here? That's the Walker in him!:)
"Hmmm... I wonder if this baby chick tastes as good as it looks?!"
Last Friday we went to check out Sprout Studio. It is a really cool place for kids of all ages. This is the baby area. When Murphy gets older he will be able to do art, play in the water area, or pretend in the store, kitchen, or in the treehouse! We are also going to take a Kangaroo Kids class on Fridays starting next week!

Scooting through the tunnel and "tasting" a fun toy!
Happy or sad? Not sure by the look on his face!:) I'm sure he's thinking, "How long are you gonna leave me in here?"
After all the fun from this week Murph still loves to take time to cuddle! He is such a busy boy!

Spoon trick by Walker

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Bunny came to see Murphy!

Happy Easter! Murphy was very excited about the visit from the Easter Bunny! Since he is a boy, I don't get a chance to accessorize much, so I've really worn the ears out! I'm sure he won't be such a good sport about it next year!:) Murphy checking out his loot!
Playing like the bunny with LinLin!
He loved his baby chick that quacked!
DeeDee let him play with a big spoon-every time she would put it to his mouth he would think he was getting something to eat! This boy loves to eat!
Hanging out in his highchair at lunch. He was so patient while we were getting his lunch ready!
We had a great Easter! It was so fun to spend time with both of our families!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Crabby Bottom

Here is a pic of Murphy and Daddy playing after supper the other night! They are really into this toy! I think the little crab on his bottom is so funny!:) Here are two videos of Murphy doing what he does best- rolling all over the den! He gets a bit fussy in the first one because his big plans are spoiled by the pillow. He gets stuck beside the coffee table later, but decides to just hang out there!:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crazy Giggly Bunny

This is a video from last week that I was finally able to load! I can't believe he doesn't bother the ears! He will be so embarrassed one day that I made him wear these, but what are parents for!

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Kiss me, I'm Irish!"

Here is our little leprechaun wearing his green for St. Patrick's Day. Even though he was wearing green, we had to pinch those cheeks a time or two!:) We thoroughly confused Murphy this morning by taking him to see the Easter Bunny at the mall on St. Patrick's Day. He didn't cry at all. Actually it took awhile to get the picture because he kept twisting around to pull on his whiskers! He's such a mess!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

While the cat's away...

The mice will play! Daddy went on a golf trip/bachelor party this weekend, so Mommy and Murphy went to Nashville to see Baby Lizzie and visit LinLin! We had a blast as usual! There was one minor issue- Murphy got a rash! Luckily, Walker's uncle is a pediatrician in Nashville. He was out of town, but we were able to see his partner, Dr. Haraf, who was great! It turned out that he was probably reacting to his shots or something had irritated his skin. He said he will just have sensitive skin and probably have to use hypoallergenic sunscreen and bug spray! It never seemed to bother him, which was good! We got some cream for it and now he is almost as good as new! Murphy seems to get on these "kicks" where he does something for days. In Nashville, he decided he would keep his legs in the air whenever he was on his back, and continued to do so for about a day or two! Here is a pic of him doing it- he looks like a turkey basting!!!
He has also started loving on people and hugging their necks! He loves to be cuddled!:)
Baby Lizzy- She is so beautiful and a very good baby! It is so weird how fast they grow and how easily you forget how tiny they are those first few weeks!
Hagen- The proud big brother after just waking up from his nap!
Big Will taught Murphy how to give "high fives!"
He also loves to pull on his big toe when he's in his high chair- he's been doing that all week!
I promise he did not eat this piece of steak, but it won't be long! Dr. Haraf said that he saw 4 teeth coming in on top and 2 more on the bottom!
Back at home- Miller was sneaking a little kiss!:) Murphy is not phased and continues playing his slots!
Murphy posing after church this morning! He made an Easter basket in the nursery this morning! (Oops, I meant to post that pic!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poor Murphy!

After Murphy's shots he was feeling a little "less than Murphyish" today. He wanted to be held or in his swing most of the day. The iron is going down okay, but he definetly does not love it! Here he is loving on his DeeDee this afternoon. She came to get a snuggle before she and Dibs go to the beach for Spring Break! LinLin is also going to the beach next week, so Murphy will not be able to call "911" if his mommy and daddy are not doing what he wants!:) He will miss y'all, but will see you on Easter Sunday! xoxo, DeeDee, Dibs, and LinLin!! We did get a stroll in this morning in the nice Spring-like weather! We hope it lasts!:)
On a side note, is anyone else having trouble loading videos onto blogger? It may just be my computer!:( I am getting backed up on some really cute stuff!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

6 Month Check-Up

Murphy had his 6 month check-up today. He had 3 shots, a finger-prick, and an oral vaccine. He was very brave and did not even cry when the nurse pricked his finger! He must be used to me cutting him when I clip his nails:(, well, according to LinLin that is! His bloodwork showed that he is anemic, so now we have the wonderful pleasure of giving him liquid iron once a day. I know firsthand that it is very yucky, so wish us luck! Other than that, everything was great! She was very pleased with his development, motor skills, etc! He is also quite the big boy at 18 lbs., 13 oz! We are just so pleased that he has grown lenghwise as well- 26 1/2 inches. Of course, our head is still in the 89th percentile, but at least our body is catching up! I love him in this outfit from his DeeDee! I know it is a little early to wear it, but I don't want him to outgrow it before we get to wear it a lot! His cousin Allie Harris has one that matches with her name on it! I can't wait to match them at the beach this summer!
Both of these are great shots of the head...
Here is Murphy in his boo-boo gown. It is one from when he was tiny, but it is so soft. I put it on him when I cut his little thumb on Sunday so he would not pull off the band-aid! This is Murphy trying to scoot-his new favorite thing. It was so funny, but pitiful, because he kept trying to move the keys to his right hand, but it was covered up! I may retire from cutting his nails because the girl who does my pedicures has so graciuosly offered to cut them for me!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome, Baby Lizzy Brandt!

Welcome, Baby Elizabeth Blair Brandt! My best friend Heather and her husband, Bill welcomed their second baby, "Lizzy" this week. Here she is with her proud big brother, Hagen! What a sweet pair! With a big brother and four boy cousins, she will definetly be well protected!:) She was very healthy at 7 lbs. 11 oz. We love y'all and can't wait to meet her!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This weekend we went to visit LinLin. We had a great time!!! Murphy stayed with his "Auntie Bren Bren" on Saturday night while we went to watch Big Will play ball. We also got to see lots of friends! Here are a some of the pics from the weekend. Daddy stayed home to work and take care of the dogs, so we took lots of pictures so he would feel like he was there! Here are some pics of Murphy in class at church. He loved all of the songs and was a good listener! (I guess it doesn't hurt that his LinLin is the teacher!:) It was so cute when he held his little Bible!
Murphy and some friends at church
Murphy and LinLin- the weather was so nice on Sunday afternoon!
Murphy loves to play with Big Will!
His newest obsession- hanging upside down like a bat!
Finishing his carrots, his favorite veggie so far!
Looking at his mobile in his crib- he's sitting up pretty well here, but scroll down!
Mid-topple! What do you expect with a head that size?! (I did catch him, by the way!:)
Hanging out with his cousin, John David! He was so much fun to play with!

Murphy and his newest buddy, Kate! He had fun strolling through Grren Hills Mall with her and I had fun catching up with her mommy, Jennifer (Mayo) Young!
Trying on some bunny ears at PB Kids!