Sunday, March 16, 2008

While the cat's away...

The mice will play! Daddy went on a golf trip/bachelor party this weekend, so Mommy and Murphy went to Nashville to see Baby Lizzie and visit LinLin! We had a blast as usual! There was one minor issue- Murphy got a rash! Luckily, Walker's uncle is a pediatrician in Nashville. He was out of town, but we were able to see his partner, Dr. Haraf, who was great! It turned out that he was probably reacting to his shots or something had irritated his skin. He said he will just have sensitive skin and probably have to use hypoallergenic sunscreen and bug spray! It never seemed to bother him, which was good! We got some cream for it and now he is almost as good as new! Murphy seems to get on these "kicks" where he does something for days. In Nashville, he decided he would keep his legs in the air whenever he was on his back, and continued to do so for about a day or two! Here is a pic of him doing it- he looks like a turkey basting!!!
He has also started loving on people and hugging their necks! He loves to be cuddled!:)
Baby Lizzy- She is so beautiful and a very good baby! It is so weird how fast they grow and how easily you forget how tiny they are those first few weeks!
Hagen- The proud big brother after just waking up from his nap!
Big Will taught Murphy how to give "high fives!"
He also loves to pull on his big toe when he's in his high chair- he's been doing that all week!
I promise he did not eat this piece of steak, but it won't be long! Dr. Haraf said that he saw 4 teeth coming in on top and 2 more on the bottom!
Back at home- Miller was sneaking a little kiss!:) Murphy is not phased and continues playing his slots!
Murphy posing after church this morning! He made an Easter basket in the nursery this morning! (Oops, I meant to post that pic!)


Sharon said...

What a big boy he is! What a week of new and fun things he has learned:) Glad the rash is gone...dont you hate that for them?

Duane&Angie said...

Hee hee love your turkey basting comment. Murphy's looking cute--per usual.

Maureen said...

Murphy is getting so big! I like the one with his feet in the air.
Very cute!

Aflowers said...

Meg, i can tell he is growing up! Especially longer! He is thinning out in his precious little face!!! Baby lizzie is GORGEOUS! i am so glad everyone is doing well! hey can you tell murphy to throw allie harris some teeth?! She is letting go of me, she doesn't want to be rocked anymore and i am having the hardest time with that! love you all, give kisses to my bro and nephew too!

Austin said...

LOVE MURPH! He is growing up so fast and is adorable--I can't wait to see him! Lizzie is a beautiful baby--of course I would expect nothing less! She is so tiny compared to Murph! Give Walker and Murphy my love! xoxo

Kat said...

Hey Meg, where did you get those booties-- the monogramed ones, they're adorable! The bunny ears are cute-- we never saw any that would fit a baby's head, not that we really looked for them-- only the ones we saw at Target.

The Diddles said...

My sister-in-law gave me the shoes & she lives in Mississippi, but I saw really small sizes at Baby Bundles that could be monogrammed! Ours ears are from Target- most babies probably couldn't wear them- but I'm not kidding about his head being huge!!!:)