Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poor Murphy!

After Murphy's shots he was feeling a little "less than Murphyish" today. He wanted to be held or in his swing most of the day. The iron is going down okay, but he definetly does not love it! Here he is loving on his DeeDee this afternoon. She came to get a snuggle before she and Dibs go to the beach for Spring Break! LinLin is also going to the beach next week, so Murphy will not be able to call "911" if his mommy and daddy are not doing what he wants!:) He will miss y'all, but will see you on Easter Sunday! xoxo, DeeDee, Dibs, and LinLin!! We did get a stroll in this morning in the nice Spring-like weather! We hope it lasts!:)
On a side note, is anyone else having trouble loading videos onto blogger? It may just be my computer!:( I am getting backed up on some really cute stuff!


Anonymous said... I tried to upload some pics and it cut out on me. Sorry your little one doesn't feel so hot today....when Luke doesn't poop he is really was one of those days:)

kat in the hat said...

I am so flattered that you have added my site to your favorites! Thank you!! Your blog is so sweet and fun to read. Thanks again!

Kathryn (Kat in the Hat)

elizabeth said...

Liquid iron...YUM-E! I feel for ya, Murph; that stuff is super gross.

Aflowers said...

i am having trouble loading my videos too? it won't let me and they are the exact same format as the ones before? i hate it because i love watching the cute videos!!! I am glad murph is feeling better!

Duane&Angie said...

Murphy is way too cute to deserve the liquid iron torture! Poor guy! Love the rabbit ears on him, by the way. He's like a little peep. :)