Monday, March 31, 2008

Funny Pics

Murphy is definitely a funny boy and is always doing things that crack us up! Here he is working with his shapes while watching some of the games with his Daddy. Wasn't it nice of Daddy to loan him one of his prized sweatbands? He looks crazed about basketball!:) He really likes to play with Miller and we are really having to watch him so he is not too rough! (Murphy, not Miller, that is!) LinLin is prying him away from Miller here. He had been playing and decided to grab Miller's ears as he fell backwards, to slow his tumble I suppose. Resourceful, yes, but probably not the best idea, Murph!
He no longer enjoys looking in the mirror at himself. Kissing and slobbering on the baby in the mirror is much more entertaining!


Sharon said...

Looking good Murphy! Mommy and Daddy are so much fun:)

Maureen said...

Love the one of him in his headband!

Jacqueline said...

I am very impressed with Murphy's ability to combine working with his shapes and some basketball action. Cracked up at the picture with the dog - either the doggy loves his boy or that is one easy going doggy!

Lin Lin said...

Big Will says he has to start early working on being a point guard. That manual dexterity he's developing is going to help!! My class screamed when they saw it!

Christy said...

Nice post, I could not help but laugh, Murphy is so cute with Miller! I also love the T headband...Nice.