Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Year Anniversary and Cotillion

Walker and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last weekend. It was a great weekend! We had 9 o'clock Cotillion on Friday night(our anniversary) and went out to eat with NeNe and Murphy on Saturday night. Then, Walker and I went to see "Valentine's Day" while NeNe and Murph went home. It was a great way to celebrate! Below is a pic of Murphy drinking the remaining drops of salsa off of his lunch plate! He gets that honest!:) Walker and Me before leaving on Friday night.
Murphy had to get in on the action and model his new dinosaur towel. He really does a great impression of a "scawwy" dinosaur!

We are finally getting around to celebrating by ourselves tonight- dinner at one of our favorite Knoxville spots- Bistro!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Playgroup

We had a great time eating cookies and sharing Valentines with our playgroup friends on Friday! The strawberry milk was really yummy!:) Here is a pic of Murphy and our host, Connor! Jake, Ben, and Andy enjoying the treats!

Nice nose, Murph!:)

One of Murphy's new favorite activities- watching Veggie Tales on Mommy and Daddy's bed!
He loves sitting up high on the red pillow!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend in the snow! Murphy loved all aspects of it- from sledding to hot chocolate! We have all been going in so many directions lately and it was so nice to be forced to slow down and spend some great time as a family! I didn't take as many pics because we were enjoying ourselves too much! Sometimes it is better to make memories instead of trying to capture every moment.:) Oops- forgot to rotate this one. Walker loved his snowball maker! (ice-cream scooper) He had a blast pelting us and the dogs with snowballs!

Sledding down our little hill

When his sled stopped, Murphy just rolled down the hill!

For our inside time, we made a tent, which Murphy thought looked more like a volcano!

We also painted! Murphy wanted to use himself as a canvas. First mission- to paint "Andy" on his foot like in "Toy Story".

Second mission- paint himself! He also had me write the names off his three favorite "Cars" characters on his body-what a nut!

Relaxing with hot chocolate on the beanbag!