Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Day, Birthday, and Soccer

Murphy is very proud of his very first trophy!
Bennie loves to eat!

 Murphy is ready for his first day at his new school, Tate's School of Discovery!
 In front of his school

Mrs. Laura
4th Birthday!

Star Wars swimming party

New tent!

Murphy's dinner choice on his real birthday- Wasabi!

Murphy has been waiting FOREVER to turn 4 so he can watch Star Wars!  This was his first viewing.  Chris might have been even more excited than Murph!

Trip to the Mountains (plus a few more!)

Here are a few shots of Bennie from earlier this fall! Playing with Morgan

Two failed attempts at a picture of the two of them- not looking good for this year's Christmas card!

We had a great time in the mountains this September!