Monday, January 14, 2008

South Carolina Aquarium

Murphy hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bed anxiously awaiting the trip to his very first aquarium! Murphy loved looking at all of the fish!
Mommy holding on tight so the shark won't get him!
He loved this turtle and kept smiling at it and kicking his legs!
Here he was a little more interested in all of the children rather than the fish!
Posing with the aquarium characters!
Murphy and Daddy outside of the aquarium looking out at The USS Yorktown and Patriot's Point.
Relaxing at home after a fun day in Charleston!
Playing with his Baby Einstein Bi-lingual Octopus


Jacqueline said...

He looks like he had a great time. Meg, does this remind you of our trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium? Ha! I am sure this trip was NOTHING like that adventure. Love his "big boy" hat!

Rachel said...

ok, posing with the aquarium characters is hilarious!

Sharon said...

Kev was in TN this past weekend and took his brothers kids to the aquarium...wish I could take Luke..he loves going to the pet store:) Im glad you all had fun

Maureen said...

is it warm over there? we were supposed to have "snow" (yeah right it never actually snows) but it is still chilly!

Sarah said...

i think im in love (that first pic is HANDSOME!!)