Thursday, January 3, 2008

Big Boy!

Murphy had his 4 month check-up today. Here he is swinging after a big nap today. (It must be the shots- he doesn't usually nap long!) I tried to get a pic of his spiderman band-aid, but you can't see it here! He weighs 16 pounds and is 24 inches! We are going to start him on rice cereal next week! He's obviously a big eater, so hopefully he will do well with solids. We are thrilled because he got off to a slow start in the weight department, but has caught up now! He loves our pediatrician, Dr. Shults, and does well at the doctor's office. He cried after the shots, of course, but he was so brave. Here are some pics of Murphy playing yesterday! Enjoying the swing "big boy style"- We moved it out of the living room to make room for the Christmas tree, so he hasn't used it in awhile. I took out all the head supports and sat it upright. It's like a new toy to him!:)
Exploring the exersaucer
Drooling on the tummy spinner from DeeDee and Dibs -Daddy calls him Droolio
His favorite spot- the lilly pad from Big Will! The shoes from Aunt Abby fit so well!


Sharon said...

Wow, what a big boy! So glad he is doing good. Luke loved baby cereal and I'm sure Murphy will too! Love his outfits too! Happy New Year!!!!

Dee-Dee said...

Where'd she get those kicks? They are too cute and would make a great shower gift.

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