Friday, April 25, 2008


He loved the hammock! I love this one-he's so relaxed! Look at how his little feet are crossed!:)
He was in awe of all of the action at the beach!
He actually didn't mind the sand or the cold water on his feet. Hopefully we have a true beach baby- minus the pale white skin! I wish they made a uv force field to surround him with! :)
Getting into the toybox to get all of my toys!
Here is a short video of Murph enjoying the sand! It is so funny because you can tell Walker thinks I am trying to take a picture, not a video, thus the continuous grin on his face!:)


Christy said...

CUTE!!! I cannot wait for our trip to the beach!

Courtney said...

Love the hammock pics!

reba jane said... are a cutie! have fun in the sand!

Lin Lin said...

What a sweet boy on the beach! Have fun with DeeDee and Dibs! They have the best beach ever.

Love LinLin

Sharon said...

The video cracks me up....Kev does that to me as well....The Hammock pic is a winner...glad he is doing well.

Dylan said...

These beach pics are awesome-you should blow up the hammock ones for sure! Thanks for the comments on my blog and the baby is due in late August. I will try to post a pic of my huge belly:)