Monday, September 21, 2009

Becca and Jason's Wedding

Our good friends Becca and Jason were married September 5. We were so happy to make the trip to Cincinnati to celebrate with them! We had an awesome time and really enjoyed catching up with Sharon and Kevin and Amber and Brian! We opted to leave Murphy at home, but really had fun playing with their kiddos! As you can tell from the pics, we missed him and are glad we got to borrow other children!:) Here are Becca and Jason making their entrance into the reception! Meg and Walker

Walker took advantage of his last weekend to wear seersucker! He and Luke had to take a pic in their matching outfits!

Becca and her dad's dance!

I had to get in my baby time with Siena. What a sweet girl! I would have held her the whole time, but her parents like her too, so I had to eventually give her back!:)

Mr. and Mrs. Beischel (I hope I spelled that right!)

Becca and Linda gettin' down on the dance floor!

I had to take this pic the next day- I have one of Ang after her wedding, but that was before I had a digital camera!

Ready to pack up and head out for the Honeymoon! Love you guys and can't wait to see you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Megs for the post! We're soo happy all of you could make it! We had a great honeymoon too :) Can't wait to see ya'll this fall. Love you!

DuaneAngie said...

Looks like it was a great time at Becca's wedding! She looked beautiful in her dress (and I loved yours too btw). I was laughing at the seersucker outfit pic. Darn southern folks. :) hee hee j/k!