Monday, September 7, 2009

Murphy and Connor

Murphy got to have his friend Connor over on Friday. His mom just had a baby, so we went and picked him up and played all morning! He thought it was really neat to have Connor ride in our car! They talked back and forth on the way to the playground- it was really cute! Here they are in their cars! Connor pushing the big "scooper", according to Murphy!

Murphy really loves his friends- I'm glad Connor is so good natured and puts up with him sitting on him!

???? Is he whispering to him, or trying to get a little bite of Connor? Mandy, I promise he did not torture your child the whole time!:)

Playing at home with cars and trains!

This video is cute- Murphy and Connor were playing in the little school bus, so we sang wheels on the bus! Please excuse my singing! (Another disclaimer for Mandy-he looks like he was hitting, but he was actually just patting! We need to spend less time with the dog and more time with friends, I guess!) haha


mandy welch said...

Precious!!! thank you for letting Connor play with Murphy! He had a great time!

Maureen said...

I like your singing Meg!!!

juliette said...

Happy Birthday to Murphy. Hope you all had a special time. He is adorable!!!!!