Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My First Sleepover!

Murphy spent the night by himself with LinLin in Nashville on Saturday night! He did a great job!! We had a wedding in Knoxville, so I met her halfway in Cookeville on Saturday and then picked him up on Sunday afternoon. He went to Big Will's basketball game, played with LinLin, Gram, and RiRi, and went to church with them on Sunday.I know he had so much fun-except for being TERRIFIED of the buzzers at the game- but we sure missed him! He is going to spend the night with DeeDee and Dibs next week when we go to the mountains for our anniversary! What a big boy!:) A good-bye kiss!
Ready to go!
Playing with my toys after the game! I sure was glad to get down on the floor and kick!
Playing with RiRi
Bathtime with LinLin

Rocking with Gram
Playing after church
Back at home- I love it when Daddy plays "Superman Baby!"
Practicing sitting up with Mommy-I'm still a little top heavy!:)


Aflowers said...

What a big boy to go and have a spend the night! He has started looking like a little person, you know what i mean like less of a baby! That is a good thing but hard for me to see in Allie Harris because i never want her to really grow up! They sit so funny! I just posted some of AH doing it this morning, so silly. Take tons of pics this weekend, we will miss you all but will be thinking about you! Have a great time! love you!

Kevin Thompson said...

Meg, was it hard leaving him? I will have to leave him in the spring and I think it will be so hard....Im glad you got to get a way. Enjoy a nice weekend. He is sitting up pretty good....Always love seeing pics.

The Diddles said...

It was hard, but its kind of like ripping off a band-aid! Hard at first, but then its ok! My mom told me that if I wasn't going to enjoy myself then there was no point in leaving him, so that's what I tried to do! I never worry when he is with either of his grandmothers, so that made it much easier!

Dee-Dee said...

He looks almost as big as you, Meg-especially in that picture where you are kissing him! I am glad his night away went well. It makes it easier to do that when they have a good time!! I hope ya'll had a good time, too!

Lin Lin said...

You and Walker have been such good parents it has made it easy to keep him! Dee Dee and I have it made. I know she will have as much fun as we did when she keeps him on your anniversary!

I bet Lisa will have as much fun coming over to help as RiRi did!

Love LinLin