Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I love peas!

Murphy tried his second veggie, peas, for the first time tonight. He loved them from the first bite! He likes green beans, but it took him a couple of days to really eat them. He likes the baby food green beans, but did not like the ones I made as much. I am so excited that he liked the peas because I had him try the ones I made first! I love babies with messy faces!:)


Aflowers said...

Now that is the face of a satisfied baby! He looks like he stuffed his face with peas and is like,"whoa, i am sooo full, those were so good!!!" Allie Harris is feeling better today but still having some difficulty!

Sharon said...

Looks like fun Meg! Luke also likes peas:) He actually likes alot of stuff, unlike his daddy! Hope all is well.

katie said...

Farris LOVED peas. For about 6 weeks of her life she ONLY ate peas.
Murphy looks precious! I can't believe how big he has gotten!