Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meeting Dee Dee!

Murphy got to meet his Dee Dee for the first time this morning! She has been in Mississippi helping Aunt Abby and Uncle Graydon with baby Allie Harris. He loved her so much and stayed up for awhile to play with her! She brought him some trucks that make noise and the cute bear play mat below!
Murphy likes to practice his numbers often! He flashes his fingers and then we count how many together! Two and four are his favorite! I am so bad at math, I thought we'd better start early- maybe he'll have Walker's math skills!!:)


Rhonda Pennington said...

Actually he is practicing signaling a play for when he is point guard and is bringing the ball down the court. I saw Hannah holding up four fingers many times when she was playing! :)

Maureen said...

haha those are SO cute! the look on his lil face when he is looking at Walker's mom is adorable. I am also impressed with his math skills. :)

Julie said...

how precious!!! It was so good to talk to you. You sound great-Can't wait to see you!

Kevin Thompson said...

Meg, you are having so much fun with him aren't you? How much does he weigh now? Hope all is well. You sleeping any?

The Diddles said...

Hey Shar- We are getting some sleep, but in shorter amounts at a time! We went to the dr. Tuesday and he was back up to 6 lb. 10 oz.
He had gotten down to 6 lbs. when we came in b/c he didn't want to nurse right away, but we are back on track now!:)