Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Coming Home!

Ready to go home!!
I was such a good car rider and I loved the fresh air!
Four generations of Diddle men!
Snoozing in my Moses basket
I love to watch TV with my Daddy! :)


Mackley said...

You all are too good keeping up with your blog through all of this crazyness!
Murphy is so very handsome! You all sure can make a pretty baby!!! Congrats!

Kevin Thompson said...

I bet your in heaven right now...he is so little and so cute. I went to the doc today and Luke was 14 pounds...they grow so fast. Have fun with him. I can't believe your are blogging...I was laid out for 2 months:)

Renee said...

Meghan and Walker,
Murphy is absolutely adorable and I can not wait to visit. Y'all are the cutest family:) Meghan, you look wonderful. Please call if you need anything. Give Baby Murphy a kiss from his friend Cooper. -Renee

Austin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Collin and I are so excited for all of you and we simply CANNOT WAIT to meet Murphy! It looks like everyone is doing well and enjoying being back at home. Megs, give me a call sometime and let me know how you're doing--I can only imagine how happy the newest mommy and daddy must be! We love you!

Maureen said...

great pics Meg! Can't wait to meet your baby boy!

Amelia said...

He is adorable. I am so happy for yall. I can not think of 2 luckier babies than Murphy and Allie Harris. Can't wait to see them both. amelia