Monday, September 17, 2007

Big Weekend!

We had a big weekend! Lin Lin and RiRi came to visit. Murphy had so much fun! Mom and Dad even got to go watch the game on Saturday! DeeDee and Dibs kept him for a couple of hours on Friday night as well so we could go out to a friend's birthday party! On Sunday, we ate over at DeeDee and Dibs' house and entertained them and Great Aunt Lisa and Great Uncle Eric! Here are a few pics from the weekend!
Bathtime with LinLin
Saying goodbye to RiRi
Playing in my crib
Looking at my daddy-something I love to do! (They could make faces at each other for hours! I guess this is how I find time to blog!:)

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Duane&Angie said...

Shmeggs--the pictures are fantastic! I love the one of Murphy and Walker--it's so darn sweet. I keep trying to see who he looks like but I really suck at that! Even with my own nephew and niece it's hard to tell until the personality comes out--then I seem to see flashes of both parents...
So, if in a few months, Murphy starts watching Meercat Manor and averaging his weekly diaper usage, perhaps he'll look like Walker to me....