Saturday, September 1, 2007

Go Vols!

Here I am prepping for the big game this morning! Daddy just can't wait for the game... He let me borrow his headband!
Pregame- My "auntie Rhonda" brought me the socks and cap- I'll grow into it soon!:)


Kevin Thompson said...

Hey that is so cute! We had to put Luke's UT hat on as well...the game was so bad...we had to tell him that they are usually better.

katie said...

He is precious! Glad to see that you are well. Enjoy these days. Farris is almost 6 and it has gone by soooo fast. I can't wait to meet Murphy.

Virginia said...

I love the vols stuff!!!!!! I've found pictures of me at different ages wearing vols stuff! I even have a vols cheer outfit now!!!