Monday, July 16, 2007


This past week we were at our favorite beach spot, Pawley's Island, South Carolina. Walker and his family have been vacationing here each summer for almost 30 years!!! Walker has celebrated almost every birthday of his life there! I was lucky enough to be added when we started dating 5 summers ago. The Pawley's trip is filled with good food, family, good friends (The Bruner family), and a whole lot of laying on the beach! We always have a blast! This year our group was smaller- Walker's parents, us, his sister Abby and her husband Graydon, Joe and Helen Bruner, and their son, Collin! We really missed Walker's brother Wes who is doing his residency in Pediatric Cardiology in Seattle, Austin, Collin's wife, who is studying for the SC bar exam, and Justin and Wendy Bruner, who just got married and live in Hermosa Beach, CA! Maybe next year we can all come! (We will definetly need a bigger house!)

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