Monday, July 16, 2007

Pawley's Island Trip

Fishing at the North end
Happy 29th Birthday Walker!


Mom (Lin-Lin) said...

I love this already! Aren't you proud of me?


kELLY said...

This is great Meghan; you have done a great job! You look wonderful. Please keep me posted about upcoming baby events! I am so happy for you and Walker. It seems like you guys had a blast on vacation.

Kevin Thompson said...

Love your bathing suit...where did you get it? My prego suit sucked:)

The Diddles said...

I got it at Motherhood in the Mall. I actually have a couple from Old Navy and Target too!

jobruner said...

Meghan, this is verrrry professional looking. I enjoyed reading it as much as I did spending a week with you and Walker at Pawley's Island.

Hang in there track star. You're almost to the finish line!