Monday, July 30, 2007

Nashville Baby Shower

Here is the sweet outfit Julie gave us! Murphy will be the best dressed boy in town!
Posing with my cousin Virginia! She gave me a blanket she made!
Heather will kill me for this one, but its better of her than of me:)...
Me with the two grandmothers- Dee Dee(Walker's mom) and Lin Lin(my mom).
They are both too cute to be grandmothers don't you think?!


Kevin Thompson said...

Meg, How are you so tan? You have such cute pregnant clothes...I didn't look that cute! I love the rocking horse...Luke doesn't have one but maybe Kev will get him one:) Yes, the grandmothers to be do look great! Love the pics.

The Diddles said...

I just went to the beach! Figured I'd better get a tan now while I can lay and relax and not have to chase a little one around! Next summer will be much different, but a blast, I'm sure!!!

Bill,Heather and Hagen said...

Meg, I almost cried when I read your sweet caption. And, what were we doing in that other pic??