Monday, July 30, 2007

Nashville Baby Shower

Pam and Heather hosted my baby shower in Nashville at Pam's house. We had a great time! Heather has been my best friend since Kindergarten! Heather and her whole family are family to me, so this shower was very special! She said the sweetest prayer before we ate that made my cry! It is amazing that now we will both have sons who will be fairly close in age to be friends as well! I am so thankful for her and her family!
Here are two of my Knoxville friends- Whitney, who came to Nashville with me, and Elizabeth, who lives in Nashville now! Elizabeth has been friends with Walker since Kindergarten!
I am opening the gift from my mom- a sweet rocking horse! It looks great in the nursery!
Here is Frances Bradford, my mom's friend, Marion's, little girl. She's testing out the rocking horse! She was a big helper while I opened all of the presents!


Julie said...

I love all the new pics-It was great to see you! You look so good. I can't wait to see the pics of the nursery!!! (hint,hint)

Julie said...

Forgot to say...I'm very jelous of your new washer and dryer!

Maureen said...

you are racking up on the presents--very nice!

elizabeth said...

Hey Megan!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I must say, your blog looks quite lovely.

Anytime you need a dogsitter, let me know. Mo and Geri do keep me rather busy though, since they skip outta town whenever they can :)

If you ever want to do some extra laundry, let me know. I'm sure I could help you out.

Duane&Angie said...

Oh Shmeggs you are so cute! I knew that when you got prego you would flex your style muscles! You've definitely conquered the cute/stylish summer pregnancy look; maybe next time (if that happens) you can go for a winter pregnancy? There will be so many options! :) hee hee seriously though, you look very healthy and happy and it's great (yet not surprising) to see so many people support you!


The Diddles said...

I have to have a baby at the same time every time b/c I've invested so much into the maternity wardrobe- are you surprised? I'll go broke if I try another season! haha You are sweet! I do feel style is rather important to ones outlook getting fatter each day!ha Don't worry, no matter how many children I have or how much of a "mommy" I become, I will never forget the advice a wise woman once told me: "Festivity should never be displayed via sweater set!" Ang, you are so very right!