Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Rest of the Kiawah Pictures!

Murphy loved this chair- it was just his size! Murph and Daddy in their matching swim trunks!
Swinging with Daddy
Climbing a tree on the way back from the beach- with help of course!
Typical Murph- getting in to EVERYTHING! The next series of pics show the progression of him getting my bag of laundry and dumping it onto the floor...
Rolling around in the dirty clothes...

Very proud of himself and ready to go with the bag on his shoulder! What a mess!:)
Murphy swinging with Dibs!
We went to dinner with the Bruner's and Farr's on Monday night. Here is Murphy "bear" with his Auntie Austin. They are big buds! We had a great time! Thank you Austin for entertaining Murph!
Murphy got to meet his newest friend, Caitlin Farr. She is a couple of months younger and he loved her! Watch out, Lionel and Megan- he is quite the ladies man!:)

Kiawah has a great Nature Center at Night Heron Park. We took a walk to see all of the animals. Murph loved the otter, but was confused about why he was not moving!

Checking out the turtles

He is looking at the baby alligators in the tank here. I love how his little arm is hanging over the side!:)

Doing a puzzle at the Nature Center with DeeDee
Reading a book-one of his few still moments!
DeeDee putting ice on Murphy's boo-boo! (Yes, he fell off the bed TWICE! Uggh! He is a fast little booger!)
Taking a break from driving home to do some playing at McDonald's in Ashville.
We had a great week! Thanks DeeDee and Dibs for sharing your wonderful beach house with us! We always enjoy getting to spend time with you!:)


Dee-Dee said...

Great beach pictures, Meg! I love the ones of him in the hammock - too cute!! Looks like a great trip.

Austin said...

Such a fun trip! I miss Murph already! xoxo

Lin Lin said...

That boy loves the beach! Can't wait to see you all on Sunday!!!

Sharon said...

Great pics. Love the matching swim shorts....looks like you all had fun...

Duane&Angie said...

I love all of the pics (the father/son shorts are muy bueno) but I must say--what the heck were you doing putting grits on his head? Are they the new cure-all? Poor Murphy, he looks so abused with all of that attention, and all of those trips to the fun museums and the beach... :) You are a super mama!

Mindy said...

What a cute beach baby!! Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the peanut hat!

Allison Dobbs said...
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Allison Dobbs said...

It's a toss up b/t the hammock and the blanket pictures--they're both my favorites! Tell Murph there's a hammock minutes away at his aunt Alli's if he needs another getaway :) FYI I updated my bookmark & now blog works as usual. (Be sure to tell Katrina.)

Aflowers said...

okay, he is absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt the most precious, adorable, huggable, lunchable(want to have him eat with you all the time)unbelievablely awesome little boy and i am sooooo proud to be his favorite AUNT!!! Yes, i know i am the only blood aunt but i can't get enough of him!!!! love and miss you all terribly!

Segadi Family said...

He is too cute! Looks like you guys had a fun beach trip! Where did you get the matching swim trunks?? Those are GREAT!