Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Big Turkey!

We have some good news- Murph is off of the liquid iron! We went to the doctor today for his iron check and he had made a lot of improvement. We also had them check his weight and he is 21 pounds. (Yes, you read that right!:) What a big ole turkey!!! "Hey guys, look at my balloon from Party City!"
"Daddy, I need that right now and I will twist out of your arms if I have to!"
This is a great shot of the top teeth- we will be ready for a steak in no time!!!
The stance again- he has to have a wide base to hold all that weight up top!
He played with this balloon all day long!!! We couldn't find a WonderPets balloon, so we went with the next best thing- The Backyardigans!


Sharon said...

they love balloons...don't they? Well your little man passed poor little Luke in weight....He is a cutie and growing way to fast. I'm so lucky to see him grow up by computer:) Great post Meg.

Austin said...

Cutest child ever! So glad he's off of the iron--he is growing so fast! Looking at the pics makes me tear up--had such fun with him in Charleston last month--can't wait to see y'all soon--give him a big hug and kiss from Aunt Austin! xoxo

Maureen said...

Murphy is getting so big I barely recognize him. We need to get together one of these days.

Dee-Dee said...

Babies just love balloons. I love the shot of his teeth! He is too cute - big boy!!