Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have a Great Summer, H.G.Hill 6th Graders!

Here are some recent pics of Murph to get you through the summer! Have fun and be safe this summer! If you have a home computer you are welcome to look at our blog to keep up with Ms. Murphy's grandson over the break. We have lots of fun things planned! Below are some pics of Murphy rolling and scooting around. He has so much fun exploring our living room floor!

"Look guys, my daddy put my new swingset together!"
"Getting ready to slide down!"
" It's raining today, so we have to play in the garage!"
"I love it when my Daddy tosses me up high!"
Here is Murphy talking to Macy before bathtime. He loves to stand by the tub and watch the water go in!

We went to a cookout Sunday night. Murphy loves playing with Kellie and Alex. They are so funny!
Alex getting Murph with "the claw"!
The only serious face of the night. I'm sure he's trying to find food in the baby bag!:)
Thanks for checking our blog, 6th grade! See you next year!
Meghan, Walker, and Murphy:)

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Sharon said...

What a busy little man!