Friday, December 28, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

And all through the house, all the Diddles were stirring-well, cosmos and martinis! haha Looking at DeeDee's tree with Daddy
Reading with Mommy
Playing with Uncle Wes
Kicking on the floor-I'm not sure about the look on his face here!:)
Murphy and Allie Harris talking while everyone is eating dinner

Allie Harris giving Murphy night night kisses
We went over to Walker's parent's house on Christmas eve. Murphy had a great time playing with his cousin, aunts and uncles, and his grandparents. We also celebrated DeeDee's birthday! As you can see, he had to strip by the end of the night-he is so hot natured! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I will post Christmas day pics tomorrow!


Sharon said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like you all had fun. Give the little one a hug for me.

Maureen said...

cute pics--Murphy looked like he enjoyed himself!

Dee-Dee said...

Merry Christmas Meg and family! It looks like Murphy had a great 1st Christmas. It sounds like he is turning out to be quite a good baby! I love his little zutano outfit. I hope you all have a great New Year! I am coming to Nashville in January - any chance you have any trips in planned?