Friday, December 14, 2007

Nashville Trip

We went to Nashville to visit while Daddy went to the SEC Championship in Atlanta. (Yes, I'm a little behind on my blogs!) It was great. Here are some pics from the trip and some others from last week.

Murphy at Big Will's ballgame! He loved watching the Bisons! The back of his onesie- It has Big Will's number on it!
Rocking with Gram!
Watching the SEC Championship game :( with Kelvin!
Murphy is telling Auntie Rhonda how disappointed he is with the Vols' loss to LSU!
Murphy at Sunday school! He was the best student according to his teacher, Lin Lin!:) BrenBren, Marilyn, and Debbie were thoroughly impressed with his attire as well as his attention span!! He was a very good listener and loved all the babies!
Back at home watching Santa read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas"
We put Murphy's exersaucer together and he loves it! He doesn't know how to use all of the parts yet, but he loves the dials that spin and make noise!
Murphy and Miller are big buddies!
I love this one- he looks like he is really reading!


Sharon said...

Love the toys they have for babies....they are very helpful. Your little one is so cute and growing so fast. Love the pics Meg.

Duane&Angie said...

Shmeggs those pictures are so cute! Murphy looks like a Gerber baby with that cute mug!


Maureen said...

cute pics--I love his lil embroidered outfit supporting his uncle!

Jacqueline said...

Of course he is reading! Don't you see him stretching that word with his fingers?

Rachel said...

He is growing so much!!! You all are so great to spend time with friends and family...Murphy may not always remember everyone, but at least he gets TONS of love and attention!