Saturday, December 29, 2007

Busy Christmas Day!

We had a very busy Christmas day! We woke up early for Murphy to have his Santa presents. Next we went over to John and Debbie's house for Christmas breakfast. Then we went to Nashville for Christmas dinner with my family. Murphy did well with all of the travel and excitement! Here are some pics! Murphy was a little sleepy during his first time seeing what Santa brought him!

Murphy and Daddy got matching bathing suits from Dee Dee and Dibs!
Gramps, Allie Harris, and Murphy
Murphy and Allie Harris are so excited!
The excitement is now wearing off!
Murphy and Big Will in Nashville
Big Will entertaining Murph
Me, Walker, Murphy, Will, and LinLin

Murphy is very hot natured! He always has to stip down to his diaper by the end of the night! Here are the highlights of our "Michelin Man"!
Murphy's excitement about his new hat is almost more than he can take!
Back at home playing with his 2nd cousin, Charlotte-she, too, is hot natured! It must be a trait from the Diddle side of the family!:)
Murphy later shared his bouncy chair with Charlotte. She was very curoius about it here!
Playing at home with his new rings- He looks like he is about to eat the camera!!!:)

Christmas was wonderful, especially with a little one around! I can't imagine how next year will be when he is mobile! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!:)


Julie said...

Love all the pics! You look way too cute on Christmas!

Sharon said...

Murphy is getting so big...he is so cute. Love the pics. How much does he weigh now and how long? Love your black and white outfit...really cute!

Rhonda Pennington said...

Murphy is getting cuter by the day! I especially loved the picture of him belly laughing on the couch with Allie Harris. Next Christmas will be even more fun. Each stage of parenthood is fun and fulfilling. Did you ever think you could love someone so little SO MUCH?

Dee-Dee said...

I still can't believe how big Will is! He will always be that little bitty blonde headed boy with a high voice to me!!