Saturday, July 4, 2009

June Fun!

June has been a fun, busy month for us! Here are some pics of what we have been up to this month! At the beginning of June, Walker and I left Murphy with NeNe, Gram, and RiRi and went to Rachel Tegano's wedding in Atlantic Beach, NC. We had so much fun hanging on the beach and spending time with DeeDee and Dibs and Abby and Graydon! Murphy also got to play with Auntie Rhonda, Hannah, Inga and Big! Here are Rachel and Frank Wooten dancing their first dance! On Thursday before the wedding we took an afternoon cruise over to Shackleford Island, which is inhabited by wild horses. It was beautiful, although the horses looked a little frail.

Sunset cruise back from Shackleford Island with my sis-in-law, Abby!

Walker enjoying his cocktail hour on the boat!

Dancing the night away with Tinsley at the NC Aquarium. They had an afterparty there where the rehearsal dinner was held. It was really cool!

Walker and me before the wedding ceremony

Daddy and Murphy had a great father's day!

Murphy giving Daddy a father's day "lick" before church! He tends to be a bit aggressive on the kiss to those he loves the most!haha

Being silly in the bathtub

Walker organized a very nice dinner for my birthday at the end of June. Here we are celebrating at Northshore Brasserie. L to R- Tee, Tinsley, me and Walker, Carrie, Elene, Ryan, Greg, Michael, Bart, Gavin, Lindsey, Lloyd, and Kara.

Family pic at Gramps' 100th birthday brunch!

Gramps turned 100 on July 1st. We had a nice brunch to celebrate this incredible milestone on June 27th. Here he is blowing out his candles! He was the first OBGYN in East Tennessee and was one of the founders of UT Hospital. He has delivered too many babies to count! Abby and Shannon took lots more pics at the party than I did, so I will try to snag some from them and add more later! Murphy loved playing with his cousins Allie Harris, Charlotte, and John Wallace! He also told Gramps "Happy Day!" and gave him a sweet kiss!:)

Murphy got to hang out with Miss Abby last Sunday night while NeNe took us out to celebrate Big Will's graduation and mine and Walker's birthdays at Copper Cellar. NeNe was delighted that Murphy was still up when we got home so she could get a good squeeze!

We also got to have some fun at our pool before NeNe and Big had to head back! Murphy loves the pool and has just this week begun kicking to and from us with his head under! He is going to be a great swimmer!

Murphy got to play with his buddy Connor Welch. They are in playgroup together on Mondays and play really well with each other!

Chillin' in my shades with "Big"!

I will try to do one more update before we head to Pawley's on Thursay!


Sharon said...

What a cutie pie! He and Luke would have fun swimming together:)

Maureen said...

what does your brother's tattoo say?

The Diddles said...

It is faith in greek- I think!

Heather said...

Such cute pics! Especially of you and Will with Murphy!