Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July! We went to Fletcher and Courtney's cookout in the morning and Murphy had a great time with his buddy Cooper! (Sorry, forgot to take the camera!) We went to Cherokee for the "Street Fair" in the afternoon. Murphy loved fishing for ducks, jumping in the bouncy house, going down the slide, and chowing down on sno-cones and cotton candy! However, he did not enjoy the carousel at all! I couldn't get him on it! The last time we were at the zoo, he rode the big carousel, but seemed very nervous. Oh, well, not everyone likes to go around in circles on big fake animals! (haha) It was a great day! Here is Murphy in the bouncy house! Checking it out- he loved it when the big boys got in and bounced him all over the place!

Walker tried to get a good shot on the slide, but it was so fast! I had to go with him because it was really high and there was a maze to get to the ladder. We only did it 2 or 3 times because that was all I could take, but Murphy would have gone all night!:)

Cooling off with Daddy and enjoying a sno-cone!

Still enjoying the sno-cone!

Pic with Mommy at dinner time!

We are off to Pawley's Island, SC on Thursday morning! Murphy is going to have so much fun with his cousin, Allie Harris, and baby Abby!


Sharon said...

Love the picture of you guys on the slide and the one with the sunglasses. Have fun in SC.

Maureen said...

cute--I like the one of you 2 on the slide as well! have a great time at the beach, see you in a couple weeks.

Christy said...

great pics!!! Glad you had such a fun 4th!! Hope you enjoy your vacay at the beach....I am missing the beach this year ;(