Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stop #4- Kiawah Island

Here are the pictures from the last leg of our trip, Kiawah! We always love getting to stay at DeeDee and Dibs' beach house there. It is always a nice relaxing time for us all! Murphy loves reading his "Pat the Bunny" book. He could play "peek-a-boo" with Paul forever! All of our copies are getting worn out!
Hanging out in the baby pool at the Beach Club with Daddy...
And with DeeDee!
Crawling on the wide-open beach! (I thought the tracks behind him were funny!)
Hosing the sand off- one of his favorite things to do!
Snack time! Avocados are yummy!:)
We went out to the Ocean Course to eat two nights in a row because Murphy LOVED the putting green beside the Ocean Room restaurant! He crawled all over it and made some new friends!
We may have a future in golf!
He kept pulling the flag in and out of the hole!

His new friend, Megan, from New York! She reminds me of myself at that age with her doll dressed like her!
Action shot! Pure joy on his face here!:)
Rocking on the front porch with Mommy- and making bubble sounds! Can you see his little black eye? He tripped on his swimsuit tie while pulling up on the door and banged his little eye! I'm sure this will be just the first of many!:)
Happy guy in his very own chair!

Here he is all pooped out after we got back to Knoxville! He was a great traveller!

Here is a little video of Murphy trying to join in with the big boys!


Sharon said...

What is it with the peek-a-boo books? Luke loves his. They are worn out from him teething on them:) You have some great pics with Murphy. Man seeing him crawl brought back memories with Luke...soon he will be walking and then it begins:)
Glad your vacation was a good one.

Lin Lin said...

The pix are great! I loved seeing you in person though, Murphy Man, Meg and Walker! I'm glad you are back safe and sound!


Duane&Angie said...

I loved looking through all those pics. The one of Murph and you on the porch is so cute! Also, the one with Murphy passed out after all of those adventures (during the past couple weeks) was hilarious. I'm thinking Walker and you felt a bit like that???

:) ang

Maureen said...

cute vaca pics! thanks for letting me hang out with you guys yesterday--our power finally came on around 2pm!!

Julie said...

precious pics--I love the up close of you and murphy!